🌈 WTB Mutated gleambow sacs 2000c! 8m up for grabs!

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Changed price to 2000c! 2150c (or 6 rough oort) hand trade!

Plenty more coin to stuff into them after, come fill these up!!

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What are they used for?

The new recipes - the pops, jelly, drink, Oortys, trophies, Gleambow Augment.

Good advice in another thread - if Gleambow hunting and you don’t like the mat it is made of, focus on just killing the respawning Cuttles instead. :wink: The sacs are well worth it! To me, those food buffs will be HUGE when exo exploring, massive time saver.


augments to summon more gleambow meteorites is probably the best use for. The other items seems useless

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Raised price!

And again!


Gotta say I’m disappointed these items aren’t more accessible to all.

And it’s pretty dumb that the foods require mutated sacs. It makes the foods basically unusable because those sacs are sooooo valuable.

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Yeah and the drop amount and recipe amounts needed are rather crazy if I’m totally honest.


Also the only 4 planets thing and other players popping up out of nowhere is doing the opposite of having fun.

Am already thinking of just pretending this whole event does not exist…


More coin in those baskets people! Mama needs more shinies, ehh gleambow sacs!

Also, putting up the first batch of Gleampops! 599c!

Come get 'm at Noms 'n More!

Now all 3 consumables for sale at Noms 'n More for the low price of 499c!

Still buying sacs!

Added more Gleambow goodies!

Also raised price for Mutated Sacs to 1256c!


Recoined the baskets! Keep them coming!!!


20 more on the shelf - great run on Biitula here! :grin::+1:


And your coin has been deposited!

Also I recoined the baskets! Come and sell me these lovely things so I can make some more consumables for a good price!

(higher the price of sacs, the more expensive I will need to make the consumbles so sell to me! :slight_smile: )


Thanks again!!!

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Recoined the baskets, multiple millions up for grabs!

More coin added!

Thanks everyone for selling to my basket! Very appreciated!

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I have 202 right now I’m willing to hand trade you if interested?

Absolutely! Going in game now!

Hey sorry, am not awake enough to play, haha, going back to bed in a sec…

Still buying mutated sacs! Recoined my baskets earlier too!



Where to find the shop?

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Take the TNT world portal to Trung and walk up the ramp and make a left and coin converters is right there. Noms n more is right up the ramp and right in front of it.


Thanks, got money for buildingmats for the next 2 years :slight_smile:

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And Coin Converters buys tons of other goodies too, not just me, but many players!