WTB old Exo Atlas

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I am interested in any old Exo Atlas. Just pm me ingame if u have some. My Name ingame normally is scarreno. :slight_smile:

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hey bud the old exo atlases get wiped after the exo is gone (so u end up with a blank atlas)


Oh sh*t … ok :rofl: thanks for the Info Host!

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you’re welcome :slight_smile:

Sure, I got a whole slew of empty atlases for you to buy!

Because that is what they sadly turn into, blank, empty atlases once the exo disappears.

The atlas uses the planet data and when the planet is gone that data is too…


That makes me so sad. I wish there was a way to make those exo atlases permanent so people could collect all the full atlases of past exos

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I once had an atlas from [Therka]
unfortunately it has also turned into blank.
But I keep it well,
… who knows,
someday it will get its colors back :smile: