WTB Pure Boon Compund 3

Does anybody know anywhere I can buy some pure boon compound 3?

Can’t help with where to buy, but can help with collecting items to craft your own

Boundlesstrade.net has a few listings that are decent

I’m betting the Gyosha listing is at the mall. Haven’t checked though :slight_smile:

I have the ingredients. I’m just being lazy lol.

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Thanks for that I’ll see if I can find some!

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Got 200 in the Gyosha mall. Thanks!

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Np. I’m sure the seller also thanks YOU!

I’m she he/she does!

how much did you pay for the boon compound 3? currently looking at a spot that has them for 49c each

49c each lol.

lol nvm then… I was probably looking at the same place you bought yours… well I tried to help bring your costs down lol :stuck_out_tongue: