WTB Rough Oort 191c, 1.6m in baskets. WTB gems, all kinds, 4m in baskets



Changed price to 191c, 200c hand trade on rough oort. 1.6m divided over two baskets in the portal area of the Nova Golda Market.

At Coin Converters, plot 1, I’m buying all 6 gem types, 28c for topaz/saph, 33c for dia/ruby and 89c for amethyst/emerald.

FOUR MILLION coin in those 6 baskets combined!

I’m contemplating a looooooooooong break until certain things are resolved, I need the oort ASAP!

Gems, meh, don’t think I will be needing them really, just thought I’d dump most of my excess coin in there for the miners out there trying to make some coin…

Will add more coin to the rest of the baskets as well come tomorrow…

I need oort, lots of it! Price is 182c in basket, 190c direct trade. Two baskets near the portals at Nova Golda Market, both have 380k in there!

And in Coin Converters I just added 6 baskets for all 6 gems, 2.5 million coins in there!

Please help me to the poor house?


Did my part.


Only sapphires so far, am sure you lot have more stashed away!


Whatcha makin with all those gems?


Forged gear?


Need topaz or Diamond?


Both actually, diamonds the most tho… Almost 1m in basket for diamonds…


OK i sell all i have , i ll be there in 2 Minutes


Could only sell diamonds, Topas request basket ist empty


It is?

Huh, I will be online in like 15 to 20 minutes…


Yes IT IS, i Go Mining and Return later


Changed oort price!

Still about 800k in those two baskets!

And need more precious-es!


If I get on later tonight I will check and see what I have for gems :slight_smile:


I’ll be on in like 20 mins and dump all I have. Gonna take a break from boundless for a bit so you can have it all. :slight_smile:




Keep the shinies coming!!!


Oort price upped, more coin in there than before (1.6m)

Also added most of my excess coin in the gems baskets, 4m, miners go nuts.

Need the oort since I’m sensing a very long break coming with only minor portal fueling…


Why the long break?


Nothing I want to talk about publicly…