WTB Shadow Mustard Sponge

I am in need of 94 Shadow Mustard Sponge if anyone happens to have some they are willing to sell me. I am based on Beckon.

I’ve got 21 you can have. I’m in Autumn Dell on Trior. I don’t know what I’d do with them so come pick em up and they’re yours. I’m only on for about 30min otherwise I’ll catch up with you later.

Thank you, I am not on right now, had to come help my grandmother with some work around the house, I will be back on later and tomorrow

I’m on now if you’re around

I have request baskets on Kada 1 ay the pixel art contest along with a mailbox to make me on game if needed

Sponge with mustard on it sounds pretty gross.

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Lol, I know right? But it looks awesome where we’re putting it.

Thank you kelmet and larky for the sponge. I will be finishing the build tonight. We’re building in the pixel art contest on kada. Come check it out sometime.

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