WTB: T6(?) AOE Autoharvest Hammers! [Complete!]

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Title. Trying to buy a smart stack (or possibly more depending on price) of T6-ish AOE Autoharvest Hammers. There used to be a shop called The Allhammer that would sell these at a good price but it has since disappeared. I’m down to my last one so I need to get some more of these pronto.

I’d prefer they were diamond but if another gem is going to meet the requirements thats fine.

I know most people buying a hammer at this level prefer +DUR but I’d rather have the Autoharvest.

Image of the one I currently have left:

I switched to Q-shop since allhammer closed down
D/e65 at dkmall

I’ll check that out now, thanks for the tip! Miss Allhammer. :frowning:

Yeah Beatrice quit afaik :weary: I used to buy lots of allhammers

Got 'em. Appreciate the direction. Q should give you a discount for the coin I just dropped. :wink:


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