WTB T7 AOE Hammers

Still want to buy couple of SS T7 hammers!
@LaQuest006 got emptied out by me. Checked out EZPZ and Elsioui’s shop, they were already empty.

Please contact me if You know other shops or being yourself a forger and want to get your hammers sold :slight_smile:


Looking for forger that can produce some saphire T7 AOE speed hammers on order. Strength brew shall make the magic and still being on max speed :+1:t2:
@whitelet, @KArios, @NickkThatsGood, @Dat

Many thanks in advance! :blush::heart:

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I think Elsioui’s shop has some diamond T7 hammers for sale in his shop on Alder

Just take the Alder portal at TNT and portal to the shop will be on the right


Was quite a bit in EZPZ last I checked.


Thank You @PrincessMaude :blush:
@Redlotus when was that roughly? Cause I know their stands being lots empty for a while :sweat_smile: (before I turned inactive) would be awesome :slight_smile: I Love EZPZ

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I have T7 speed and durability hammers for sale at my shop on Meadow Farms

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Why are they so expensive?

Are u new and because foraging costs a arm and a leg, a bundle of sticks, 5 emerald and ur newborn child and that’s just to buy the setting resin


Not new and it shouldn’t cost much if your doing correctly. As in gathering your own resources not buying it from shops. Going on hunts to get the stuff you need. Ezpz use to be around the 7-9 range 11-13 seems pretty high.

@Redlotus well, unlucky me :sweat_smile: already gone

@Deathwhisper well it shall be a business that is worth the mental decay ALSO its worth it for me, I pay gladly that amount if it makes me get some of those precious hammers


there’s no such thing as doing it correctly with RNG


Thanks Man! Bought all your ruby hammers and shovels oopsie. ^^


I am aware of rng I am not talking about the forging process itself was referring to his statement on the gathering part. I see you defending the price how much did you sell them for? I used to get mine for around 8500

Well, there were times I paid 9K for not even speed or durability T6 hammers.

Really the gathering thing was a joke
Also forging already takes forever but gathering mats makes it even harder and longer and the price already isn’t worth it

My husband is forging a bunch right now. We have several forgers in Glitch World who actively forge.



Forged Material s should cost that much because of rng and time you spend to do it !!!

Even with this price paying you get enough Out of the Hammer or shovels to get a massive Profit !!!


What gets a forger to log on and forge is what’s the $, I do like that the game eludes turnng forging into a mass-prod robot skill.

Like me and @Rydralain has said it needs to be more skill based

Go gather some bitter beans for a few mass crafts of stabilization paste then tell me 9k is too much, lol