Wtb Tangle

Look in for a couple hundred tangle. Online now.

What color?

I would prefer deep green but at this moment jot being to picky

How much does tangle go for these days?

Theres a tiny shop in old ultima on finata, “tangled up in me”. I don’t know what volumes they currently have, but had a nice selection when last i passed by. Its just northwest of my burger, due north of the clocktower plaza - maybe throw an eye over it if you’re not too far away

Pretty sure one of the current exo’s has literal fields of tangle, granted its blue, but i gathered over 7k for wicker in under 10mins.

Not at home atm, but can post coords when i am. Its either a t5 or t6…

I’ve got 300 Deep green you can have, if you’re still looking

I’m not on atm. I’ll be on in about an hour. Where are you located