WTB Titanium Octigrid

Title says all. Name your price. Need a LOT.

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How much is a LOT ?

I could make you some. It would require time though.

And as for price, would probably be around 300c each.

Still need to check the math of the mats. And size of the order would also have an influence


I need about 5 SS worth at a minimum. 300ea is fine.

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Alright then I should be able to fill up that order by some time next week. Started some crafts before I left for a weekend away.

I’ll keep you posted! :slight_smile:

Sounds great. Thanks!

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I have 6 SS ready atm.

Can keep making some more if need be :slight_smile:

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how about 10 SS in total? That would be rad!

I’ll just keep working then :slight_smile:
Should be all done by tomorrow I would say

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Awesome! I’ll get to finish off the roof of my base with it :). Thanks!

Ready to trade whenever

Nice I’m ready! Meet at TNT Megahub Circa? I’ll be on Dhusk hanging out in the middle!

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