[WTB] Topaz Slingbows /w specific boons

I’m in the market for Topaz Slingbows with Devastating Damage, Hard Hitter and Critically Lucky. All level 10 (or very close too), with no significantly bad quirks or defects. (no autofire or auto jump).

After a total of 20, but im willing to buy less at a time.

Name a price.

Hey check me out fantasy tree i got every type of gem bow with those boons and no quirks tho there not max lvl still pretty beast tho

I have 10 damage 10 crit effect and 7 crit chance diamonds in a shop stand :grin:

Or 10/10/4 shotguns. Damage crit effect and multi

Il take a look, cheers!

I’m specifically looking for Topaz slingbows since I will be using them to kill cuttletrunks on Norkyna, which is also the reason I dont want a shotgun.

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Can make you some when on if don’t find topaz. I suggest dub-T on tnt mega hub. He had topaz in stand when I was in his shop earlier

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