WTB Umbris rough,compact, refined, decorative

i´m looking for a large ammount of umbris. Contact me if you want to sell some.

what’s your price? and what’s large to you?

rough 10+ stacks. Im not sure about the price.

rough umbris

475 coin per piece - 8600 pieces for sale at Lasaina Supplies

500 coin per piece - 2490 pieces for sale - at Illuminati Concrete

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i know but 500 is too much

hard to say, to be honest last unbris exo was up over month ago?
it still limited resource so as long as the exo is only source the price didnt change

Did it drop in price since last time I was on wasn’t it like 750c per rough umbris lol

Ive never seen the avg price higher then 600 in the last two years, the price it usually goes for at the moment is 450-550 depending on how much available and when the last exo was, its been a bit since weve had a good umbris or rift exo really so prices are closer to the 500 range atm


still looking for umbris

There is still plenty available

they won’t be cheaper, last umbris exo was 1,5 months ago

one coming next week

doubt, next will be rift again :slight_smile: