WTB various seeds

Hey folks. Looking to buy seeds of all types (apart from basic earthyam) priority is exotic earth yam and oorum wheat seeds. Hoping for discounts as I’m very poor. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

How many are you after man? I’m pretty sure I can supply whatever you need

I have a couple of exotic yam seeds (only 20 or so) I’ll throw them at you tomorrow, I don’t think I’ll ever get round to farming :laughing:

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Thank you, I’ll make you some pies as a thank you.

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I’m looking for around 100 of each

I should be able to give you about 40 exotic yam tonight. I’ll get about that from my harvest. No charge.

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I can give you 100 of most I think, probably not some of the starberries though

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Wow thanks. I love this community! :heart:

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I would appreciate any you can spare. I’m not going to be on for about 4 hours but I will drop you a PM when Im on if that’s OK?

Yeah I may or may not be around at that time, but yep drop me a PM and we can arrange to meet up.

Just checked and I can give you 100 of all except the Juicy and Glossy starberries.

Do you want any combustion or kindling seeds as well?

Yes please. And thanks again. If you’re not around later just give me a shout if you’re about tomorrow

Consider it done. Just let me know what you get off others in the meantime and I’ll make up any shortfall.

Will do and thanks again. :+1:

Hey if you need more just leave a zero coin basket and IL throw some in there too.

Also as you are baking do you need earthyams?
I am literally stashing them everywhere I must have 5 maybe 6 stands full, I could drop on a stand worth on you for your baking if you wanted.

I’m at work for the next 4h, but after i should be able to set you up with a set of most except the blue inorganic one… also should you get any in the meantime i can still top you off on the trickier ones

Fab, I will leave a basket at my shop at Aquatopia as soon as I finish work, be about 4 hours from now. And yams would be good too. thank you

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Thank you. I’ll give you a shout when I get home.

Big thank you to everyone. I really appreciate your generosity. :innocent:

I think the best way to “pay” for this sort of kindness is to simply pay the kindness forward to someone else who is in need one day in the future and you find yourself able to help out.


Already doing that. I gave a newb some titanium hammers the other day. And someone else some persisting pies. I remember my first few weeks in game and if it hadn’t been for the generosity of this community I don’t think I would have stuck around. So when I see new players near my home base I try and help out. :blush: