WTB Warm Orange Trunks- Corruption Outlet- Gyosha Mall

Wanting to buy a lot of warm orange trunks. Buying them at 10c. Great farming location

As always portals to my shop from Ultima Eresho and PS Gyosha Ophin. Store is on 3rd street in the gyosha mall. The portal that leads to 3rd street in the mall center is also a few steps away from my shop.

Also some of you may have warm orange trunks from one of the first exo planets we had so you may not need to farm if you did before :grin: made sure to price them all the same


Filled 2 1/2 baskets for you :grin:

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Thanks appreciate it.

I’ll update how much I’m still buying when I can get on in the morning. But I was buying 6 baskets worth at 10c each so there’s potentially still 3 1/2 more baskets with coin still in them. Thanks to everyone that sells me some.

Edit: just got on. Have 123980 coin left buying warm orange wood.

Again I can’t thank you guys enough. :grin: