WTB White Rocks, 2c each

Like title says i WTB White Rocks 72000 pieces 1 coin each . I ve Put request basket s @ my Home on Arie The Essence and Fossils Trade available from DK Ultima Trees River Town Portal Hub and TNT Mega Hub.

Greetings Turrican2006

Title says rock, post says stones. Which one is It?

Rock s the Type you collect If you are Mining

1c for T7 exo resources… its not covering trip cost + tool/food/brew cost

Everybody is Mining there and this is a by product so i think ITS okay,

Tho there is a post for the same rock at 2c so they are likely to be sold to first then yours after theirs is exhausted of coin

OK , i ve Put the price Up to 2 coins each and filled the request basket s

Might want to edit the original post too to reflect the new price!

(and I changed the title for you)

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Thx to you AS Always

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