WTB/WTT for Fossils

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So apparently I don’t have any fossils at all but I am willing to do some trading or purchasing of them directly through hand trading with a player. I need them in BULK so I can start stockpiling crafted brews and bonding agents. I just want to have enough that it will last me for a long time and I kind of want the crafting XP on my crafter along with the essence.

The main thing I am willing to trade is some of my Rough Blink for some fossils. I value the Rough Blink at 650c.
Trading fossils for the blink is more or less for someone who wants to get rid of a bunch of fossils at once. For an even-as-possible trade it would be something like the following ratios.
Medium Fossils to Blink: 108:1
Large Fossils to Blink: 81:1

I prefer to have Large Fossils above the others but will take what I can get.

As for purchasing the fossils directly from someone for coin, the following prices per fossil is what I am offering to spend.
Medium Fossil: 6c per
Large Fossil: 8c per

My budget for fossil purchases is 50k.

Let me know what you’re willing to do. I don’t mind doing separate transactions for Rough Blink and coin purchases.

I’m interested in trading. I’ll let you know how many fossils I have when I get home.

Sounds great. Any ETA on how long that will be?

3 hours or so, still at work

Ahh okay…

No worries if someone beats me to the trade.

Thanks. It’s kind of a first come first serve type of thing anyways… but I am sure I’ll need more of them in the future. lol

80 large fossils is like 3k c worth so that is a pretty uneven trade imo. Sounds like you are trying to take advantage of people who do not understand the current value if turning fossils into ancient and then feeding that to the minter.

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Yea even at 81 to 1 blink I wouldn’t do that. I can sell my large fossils and buy 2 blink. I could process it and buy 5