WTB WTT for night lilac rock or stones (completed)

I’m trying to build a little something for the BL Spookfest event(I know, I know…me? build? bwhahahaha!!! Keyword = try). I am using night lilac rock and I need a little bit more. Maybe a couple hundred? I think I got it from an Exo.

Point me to your shop stands - or lemme know what you’d prefer in exchange.

I have a fair bit you can have

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Awesome!! Name the time & place, and I’ll meet you when you’re in-game. Is there anything you could use?

I’ll be at gyosha mall in 5 mins if that ok?
And am good. Unless you can speed up the patch :pray:


I wish lol

I’ll meet you there :+1::+1::+1::+1:

RIP (I didn’t do it, I promise)

This would make an awesome prop :laughing:


A “Play Dead” emote would be awesome! :grin:


Yeah! I tried to get a pic of nightstar snuggling with a roadrunner once but f10 was disabled while the revive screen was up :frowning: