WTB/WTT for Night Lilac trunks

Redoing my farm and ran out of night lilac lustrous wood… Apparently i didn’t grab enough from the recent exo.

Does anyone have any lying around or in a shop stand somewhere? Any wood type, really as i can just transform as needed.

I could probably use a few more smart stacks, and can either make you a coin offer or trade something. I’ve got various wood colors from the recent exos as well as some gleambow stuff…

I have …

(drum roll)

4 trunks lol. You can have them if you want to come pick them up.

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I’m sure I have some but won’t be on for another 12 hours at work currently

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I’m sure I’ll have some for you. Will let you know when I get to check :slight_smile:

OK I’ve had a look and I can probably spare 2 or 3 SS for you.

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I’ve a few stacks, once I finish my tree build I will see what I have left over for you :slight_smile:

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Haha… thanks NIghtstar… Even 4 trunks will help! I’ll come looking fo you.

Thanks Zeus! Let me know how many you have and what you might want for them. And we can arrange a meetup.

you still looking for the trunks @OnlyOneShinobi ?

Indeed i am! You got a supply?

will a smart stack keep you happy @OnlyOneShinobi ? :stuck_out_tongue:

@OnlyOneShinobi where you want to meet?