WTS 1000 advanced refinery coils

Ideally all to one buyer but I could split things up

I hear lots of people are building gleam machines on serp haha

Let the bidding start at 900 each!

Current bid to beat is 900 each by spicewhale!

Do I hear 910 each? 910 910 do I hear a 910 habbida habbida (I donno I feel like that’s a sound that auctioneers make)

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Hehe I just about gathered and crafted the mats to make 1325 myself lol

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The fashion of the gleam ball has exploded… again! :grin:

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800! Oh wait I think I’m doing this wrong :woozy_face:

In all seriousness I hope you get good bids on this. I can’t partake since I have no idea what my factory will look like yet.

I’ll start bidding, 1000 :slight_smile:

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Just to be clear this is a per coil price - u still want to bid 1000? If so, thank you very much!

Oh damn. I thought we were just doing a long drawn out bid process for total. Still, I did bid that’s on me. Excuse me while I go make some more money now. :rofl:

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Haha you can drop it down to 900 to start if you like :blush:
All good, auctions are exciting :slight_smile:

Yeah let’s do that. Sorry for getting overzealous. 900 then lol


I wish I had enough refinery to need 1000 coils :stuck_out_tongue: I just don’t have the money to bid on them.

DK, what in the world were you using all those refineries for? lol :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
If I had the moola, I’d totally buy them lol

Lol I’m mining on galan for xp

They are all new, never used btw. In case anyone prefers that fresh coil smell

I’ll have another 1000 for sale next week :stuck_out_tongue:

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You are mining on Galan for XP ? Is it more worthwhile to mine there and make coils or to mine on somewhere like Norkyna and make ton of ancient vital essence from the fossils ? I never tried mining on galan, so maybe I should give it a try ?

Got me. That’s probably a good idea too, never really thought of it haha.
Any opinions, community?

Sock puppet

Since nobody answered yet, except for Ratchel :stuck_out_tongue:, I really do think that mining on Norkyna and making ancient vital essence is a good way to go about making XP fast by mining. I usually get hundreds of thousands of XP the day following a mining session (large fossils take 2h). Coin wise, I believe it’s not as profitable as making adv coils but I do make lots of coins by minting them and making bonding agents to sell in my shops.

Lucent lol course u would have to gave luck hehe.

Not 1000 could but 150 per strip