WTS Gleambow Totems, Sacs, Augments, and Gleampops

I have 3600 sacs, several hundred totems, 100 augments, and several hundred gleampops for sale.

How much per sac. I got 3 total throughout all of GB so I might be interested in buying some :sweat:

Seems the going rate is 3k each right now, but if you buy them all I’ll give you a discount.

They’re like half that on BUTT

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I’m not sure what BUTT is exactly, but there are less than 1000 sacs listed for “half that” anywhere. I based the price on the average list price in the malls. If you can get it cheaper elsewhere, I encourage you to do so. But most players selling this many are asking more than 3k, and I’m discounting below 3k if you’re buying bigger quantities.