WTS marble 18c

hello everyone! selling marble at dk mall shop name Marble By Zeus, 18 coin for perm colors, good through August 5th, great time to complete those projects :slight_smile: Also i have put out tools at my MT Olympus shop on pheminorum, hope you are all well! Both of my shops have portals connecting each other, if you go through my Mini hub on pheminorum show some love to the other portals, might find another shop you will love :smile:


Is good deal
DK approves

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What cerulean marbles are there?

Everytime marble will be cheaper xD
I sell for 22. But now i have to go cheaper myself ?

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Great marble shop with great prices. 5 stars Yelp review :star::star::star::star::star:


Its a limited sale :slightly_smiling_face: i just have too much bonding agent and need some product to move lol


I have a dark cerulean from the perm planets, i also have shadow cerulean but thats not for sale as i use it to build :grimacing:


Hahahaha so great

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