WTT:3 Reg Workbench PC for any other coil but centraforge

Either for 3 regulars or 1 advanced. Order of preference is Compactor, Refinery, Extractor, Mixer…but I’m not picky.

Post here or come to my place where I’ll be working for a while.

High Ridge

Grove Te PS>Storis PS>straight ahead, High Ridge Market is the second portal spot to the left.

I’ll probably be Smoulder or Anneal. But ask anyone working nearby if they are Biv

I sell some cheap one at Gajas Gifts at the arie plaza think my adv are at 5800 a piece if not and you online today evening i trade whit you

Not sure what evening is in your time zone. Lol. I’ll be on for the next couple hours.

I live in switzerland not sur but shud be utc +1