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Anyone know a good location for ash on this planet?

I agree, I love this planet as well. I would relocate my main base to this planet and build a quaint little village.

edit: I would like this planet to be available as a private sever!!


WTB White Rock 1c each and White Trunks 5c each!

PM me here on forums or Discord “Quimby / Will#6720”. I have no baskets up so PM me!

Edit: no longer buying :+1:

How do you know there is an exo planet in game without coming to the forums? I was playing all last night, would have farmed and spent some time on the exo. As far as I know there is no way of knowing a special new exo planet has come into orbit while not regularly checking the forums?

you can see them in the sky from anywhere now. So you will have to look once in a while.

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Oh right, thanks for the heads up :sweat_smile:

I really think there should be a little hud alert when an exo appears.

For those players that don’t sit with the forum/discord open all the time when playing, they will miss out on a fun part of the game.

And we want to retain as many players a s possible, exos are a big part of that.

When I first started playing, it was weeks before I got onto the forums, if I then found out there was whole planets that popped in and out of existence that the game didn’t tell me about, I would be pretty pissed.

PS. I know that you can see the exo in the sky now, but who spends their time looking up. I’m sure lots of players spend a significant amount of time in builds or underground as well.


I think that would be a really good idea… I personally would have appreciated a little game notification :stuck_out_tongue:

I noticed in your original post @Gorillastomp that you say it’s here till the 5th… The world info says it’s only here for another day though.

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ok thanks i may have miss calculated gonna fix


Gorgeous shots!! :smiley:

This world has been so nice… I’m thinking maybe for it and other of the best exos, perhaps I should start giving them gravestones in my cemetery complete with birth and death date… some of them deserve a memorial! :wink:


Thank you :kissing_heart: & yes, this planet is gorg :heart_eyes:
I wish we could vote to make this one of our perma T7s :pray::pray::pray:


If it’s not rock, sand, gravel or soil I take it with me and hit it!

Fun fact: many a time when I go after something silly like coal or some other lesser material I do find gems/lucents nearby so I like to vacuum as much as I can…

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