Xmas event for those that either hate or cant attend hunts

my proposal and plea:

since Oortmas - meteor hunt are already in game, why dont add to that event additional activity?

Dear Monumental Developers - please allow us just bake red and green candy canes

you are aware about amount od red and green candy canes required for crafts? are you aware of amount of red and green candy canes if someone want to make full color collections ot oorties, sparles, spitter centerpieces etc?

my proposal - independent of the main event allow us to bake red and green candy canes using wheat, flour, sugar, butter, and green and red wild flowers to add tint for candy canes

those qho love hunt - they got their snow meteors, those who love crafting and gathering, they will get their own opportunity to craft xmas items :slight_smile:

Halloween event - i love it, i love running around poking shrooms for orbs :slight_smile: its my unfulfilled dream from like 5 years to get similiar event for xmas :smiley:

please consider this for future events, we will be eternally gratefull :smiley:

best Xmas wishes from Zjawcia - forever crafter/gatherer/Sov Explorer :smiley:


Love the idea, but people can just buy them if they do not do hunts. I’d also be happy to give you some if needed. I’ll never use them.

The problem with this idea is that not only would I do the hunts, I’d also be able to do the hunts and make these and get twice as much. Not that I am against that, but hey I’d get twice as many as you would. Doesn’t seem too fair to me.

Sheesh I sound so negative tonight. My apologies.

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fair argument - so perhaps a way around that would be to only make them craftable during the event, in the same way gleambow totems are only craftable during the event. So people who really love hunting can go hunt and get the event reward, and those who aren’t so good at hunting (points at self) can craft and get the event reward :slight_smile:


From my point of view I’m fine with all three methods lol.

I’d get double the candy canes either way presented. I go hunt them and/or craft them at the same time I’m hunting or between hunts.


It would be nice if you could throw a few green canes into an extractor or something and make red ones.

If all you want is red that would be pretty reasonable. Your willingness to do both “jobs” would be rewarded.


Like others have said, do what you normally do to earn coin and buy some.

The issue with making the candy canes craftable would be balance. Most players can earn approx 100,000+ coin per hour hunting, mining, resource gathering etc. I’m not sure how many red candy canes hunters are grabbing per hour, but just say it’s an average of 100. That means the price would equate to approx 1,000 per red candy cane. Would you be willing to spend 1,000 coins worth of baking ingredients to craft one candy cane? Plenty would whinge that the recipe is too grindy. Alternatively, if it’s cheap to craft, why would anyone bother doing the event when there’s a much cheaper and easier method to acquire the sought after red candy cane?

We have a gathering event, and the orbs are cheap since it is easy to gather many smart stacks of the spooky orbs. It all comes down to time and effort and getting the balance right. Is the balance right, probably not, but it is what it is this Christmas. Hopefully the drop rate of red candy canes increases next time around once there is a proper development team in place.


This first, of course. With that said…

This particular event has two drops, and I’m not sure if any attention was paid to balancing them against each other in any way. This is fair, they’re generated in different ways and used to craft different items. If you could convert one to the other, I’m sure they could find a somewhat balanced ratio.

Honestly, maybe. There is other loot on the table, of course. But it’s admittedly trivial :smirk:

The ones that have been on stands off season are showing around 2k+ and ignoring a serious outlier BUTT says the average price of the bunch is 3600c.

It takes 10 red canes to make twinkle, too. You can mass them but then you’re out 180 canes you’ve got one color of twinkle. That would also be roughly 20% of what’s showing on stands, and assuming most of those were there last week it would have cost you 486,700c to craft this one recipe.

It seems a lot of people were planning (hoping?) for a market price around 500c each, even there we’ve got a block worth as much or more than the rarest gleams.

Trying to balance a recipe on current market prices would be rough though, and probably not the best way. They have control of the mechanics and the drop rate. If we could mob up a bunch of green ones and make the reds, there’s a more reasonable way (IMO) to find the balance.

This would also handle things like @redlotus’ mentioned doubling down. We each only have so much time and you could choose your path (or take both) and still get to roughly the same time/effort invested for each cane. The decision then resolves around what you want to craft.

Yeah there are definitely options for that. Right now it seems pretty egregious. I’m not sure if that’s how it was intended to work out or not.

I make jokes about this event and try to stay positive. Nonetheless while I can trivially solo a T3 level 1 meteor - it’s nearly impossible for me to complete an oortmas battle. You can’t do anything to armor up and there’s no method of increasing damage. And even if you go into builder mode to help with the snow camouflage there are cotton ■■■■■ flickering everywhere.

For now, I’ve thrown almost all of my coin into a buy basket. Offers are approaching that 1000c so for this year, it is what it is.

EDIT: Oh good grief. I’m not changing that this time. Please fix the text filter so we can talk about gleam ■■■■■ or beach ■■■■■ or cotton ■■■■■. Even trying to use that word in it’s most offensive sense it’s not even worthy of a PG rating :exploding_head:

EDIT 2: Oh I see now the oortmas oorty has both canes in it. No other craft approaches these prices.

same with candy seeds

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For a christmas themed event we’re gifted with some pretty hard choices here :man_shrugging:

Well as much as i can Feel your pain… You Or anybody is free To make a contest… Example building contest Where prize is candy canes etc…

I know some recipes are seriously over the board but Then again theres something To go For… This game havent offered much rarer stuff but event items are one of the few.

And ye. Why not add oortmas augments. As the idea is alrdy there. But Then again that could be Hard cause snowballs are seasonal craftable

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Somebody has to loot them, and be willing to give them away though.

I’m not sure how different the POST event market is going to be this year - there seem to be a lot more group hunts going on this year than most years in the past. At least, there’s more announcements. I still haven’t managed to catch one but that’s largely a personal issue.

Not just the snowballs. The gleambow augments don’t produce the event drops. I can’t think of a single reason that someone would summon an oortmas meteor with no canes in it. IDK maybe battle training since there’s no armor or damage upgrades available?

Speaking of gleambow, that gets hard but I appreciate the challenge. I have a PC upgrade since the last event I’m looking forward to it. The heavy snowfall is not a skill-based challenge though. Even in a group hunt I can only take so much of it.

IDK this hasn’t been a huge issue for me, I forgot about the recipe but when I finally had enough canes after two years and some buying I did make a batch of 8 candy seeds instead of 5 twinkles. I like the balance/mechanic conversations too.

I decided to try and get enough to make some twinkles this year so there’s my basket. Currently offering 750c. I guess we’ll see if that nets any during the event. I hid my basket and tried for word of mouth but someone already went to 775 so it’s on the tracker now.

I’m a big advocate for putting in the work. This one’s a biit much though, IMO.


I get what you are saying. Im not rly a Hunter myself.
More of a builder.
I just said whats actually realistic atm.
I would like universal currency and stuff but Then again thats been like on the table For 2 years so.

Edit. Especially When twinkles were introduced there was like handful of players that actually were able to achieve To craft enough of them that you can actually make something out of those.

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I who don’t particularly like farming (the re sources) and who have no patience for crafting things in quantity, I turn to the shops. Hence my passion for hunting and saving money! I think the economy and balance of the game lies there.

Indeed I like the other parts more, although the normal hunting is better than the snow fights for me. This is definitely the root of the economy.

It seems that currently 750c is not enough to convince anyone, though. I forgot the total last night it doesn’t look like 775 is doing it either.

Too many eyes on those 2000c shop stands :rofl:

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Well, I just spent 45 minutes solo hunting red candy canes, ended up with 42. That’s about 56 per hour.

1785 coins per candy cane would pay someone 100,000 an hour to solo hunt them. Add a limited time frame and a rather difficult event to gather said item, 2,000 coin per red candy cane is a bargain if you have the coin to avoid going after them yourself.


NGL that’s a lot faster than I can do any of that. I’m not sure if it’s because of the time it takes me to complete or what but solo I don’t remember ever getting more than one. In all these years though I don’t think I’ve completed more than 4-5 of these solo.

I want to comment that I’m not sure how many players can easily pull that coin in a quiet economy but, yeah. I went and had a look at just your shops:


The coin is out there for someone wanting it, for sure. :+1:

In other loots the loot multiplication of group activities would mitigate this in the market. I.e. if a solid hunter can pull 50+ per hour then a group hunt yielding larger meteors is going to produce 1.5 - 2 times that for each of (some number of) players. Closer to your earlier estimate, plus the multiplication.

Interesting for sure. The market analysis is somewhat off topic I guess but supportive of the OP to me, in that even with the tiny population we could use a much better drop rate, or an alternative method.

Considering all of that, 2 things. I’m more supportive of an alternative method. There are a lot of players who for one reason or another can’t or won’t do these hunts. Green to red conversion sounds fairly optimal to me, though it might take some balance adjustment to drop rates.

In the meantime, I’m raising my basket price. @econodog makes a fair point here regarding the current market and situation. it IS still a market situation and others are pulling better than either of us can solo. For now I’ll be joining one other player/group in offering 1k per cane.

We’ll see if the price races. The event isn’t half over yet. I sold some other stuff from reclaim the other day and I’m back near a million coins as it is. All in the basket :christmas_tree:

EDIT: That pic is from Sydney Supplies @Lasaina. Lots of coin there and pretty fair prices on many items. The point of selecting that range of items is to note that you can just go out and farm some basic blocks to pull the amounts of coin we’re talking about.

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Thats great pick right there.

Then again foliage and seeds are usually just For some specific color ones.
And usually “harder” To farm.

And how much People are atm paying from these canes? Have no idea. Been seeing 750. 770. Econo dropping numbers like 2k (seems i guess somewhat reasonable)

Here we are one week into this two week event.

Someone walked past my basket today and gifted me some red canes.

When you see that market - it’s a very generous gift!

Also the poll I made is taking shape, it probably needs 24 hours to be meaningful though.

You see a large gap between buying and selling, but most of these shop stands and baskets have been here before the event. I thought there would be more commerce but the group is small and the drops are rare.

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If there was a possibility to craft the red canes i would go for it. Sadly no time to hunt myself (or at least even try to :joy::rofl::joy:). Ill see if i buy some :wink: otherwise it’ll be hopefully next year :wink: i get them.


I didn’t want to push the price up but Econodog brings a fair analysis.

It’s 10 canes to make a single twinkle - I think by far the hardest/most expensive block in the game.

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