XP for farmers

So I know w the whole “coming soon in a year” is not something to expect soon but a huge boon would be XP for planting.

As a farmer myself nothing degrades one’s morale so much as to harvest a crop and then put in the pain and misery of tilling, replanting and drinking speed brews one after another and get ZERO XP for it.

Considering your using up tools, and everything else you place gives some benefit plus the lack of multi placing it just becomes mind numbingly interesting to manage even a mid size farm.

It would still have a barrier to over usage as one still has to spend a lot of time and effort so I reckon it’s only fair to reward it the same as yould expect from other in game efforts.

Support local farmers give us a fair go :innocent:


it truly does make the game such a grind, that’s where I thought a replanting tool - or augment for the existing hand tiller might help one you could place seeds into and get an AoE replant - you could get XP for replanting if using that tool/augment.


Absolutely ! To differentiate between wild and plotted though would hope if your in a beacond area it would apply. And/or make seed placement the same speed of blocks which it currently is for sure not :sweat_smile:

you wouldn’t usually replant seeds in an unplotted area, as they’d regen in a few hours anyway

For sure is why I meant since it’s in a beacon should just give XP as opposed to just chucking excess off while on a hunt/clearing spots lol

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