Y'all forced my hand


This is a small part of an ongoing… something. Snail-speed progress and it’s just an uncolored sketch but it can stand alone.

I feel like something more positive is needed right now, so here, have a funny:

(Sorry, no scanner so you get phone pic :slightly_frowning_face: - please tell me it’s just my phone that makes it look squished )


Why is this not in crayon?!



I am not sure if I am supposed to laugh, roll my eyes, or just take it all in and quietly shake my head. .

Quietly shake my head :expressionless:


Lol you beat me; yours is color.



Why do I feel like that’s a legit conversations that’s happened



Granted, you are a much better artist. I had to chew on the crayon ends to get some decent crayons.


Big kid tip: colored pencils!! :wink:

(Thank you )


Well, I will remember that for at least the next few days. I assure you.



Lmao! XD




Hahaha. A trend has started. :rofl:

Keep em coming!


I see two women from the 1930’s in those pupils. On the left is Judith, the right, Tabitha. Endlessly they sew. Late into the night. One evening, a knock awoke them from an unplanned slumber. It was Officer Willoughsby, and old man Chet, the one with the well that was sealed up years ago, immediately after the war. A bear was on the loose!


Judith grew up poor, she couldn’t read or walk or do anything at all except lay on the floor. So Tabitha placed a table next to her to keep her company. Judith didn’t have much of a life, but she did have her table. And every once in a while a rock would fall out of the ceiling and land within her reach. Slowly but surely Judith leveled up until one day she was Tabitha’s boss.

Also both these women weren’t from 1930 they were from 1932


That table’s name?

Tabley. And so the legend was born anew.

Taaaaaaaaably, taaaaaaaably. Tabley the sentient table.