Ye New Checklist for Devs


That is talking about modifying the QWERTY layout or another format, which is already implemented. Key binding menu is just below that section.


Whoa!!! That is a lot of stuff. This game is on a whole other level


devs plzzzz add all of this it would be the most epic game of all time if it contianed all of that content


Its not like they cant add it, the real question is just ‘‘are you willing to wait 5 more years for all this content to be made?’’ cause it takes time to add stuff

But yeah, it would be quite an extensive game indeed if everything was added.


hell yeah i wate 5 years the longer time a game is devoleped the better it will be


Mhmm… No.


i mean like they have more time to focus on bugs and stuff you have probobly heard of batman that game whas broken they hadent spend time on it like if they spend time the game can have all of this and probobly will cas hopefully they never stop devoleping this game its all i wanted in mc


I’m not sure if you’re a native english speaker but even if you aren’t, punctuation really helps to understand what you want to say.
I had to read your post like 5 times with different points and commas until I found the right version that made sense.


i dont like typings commas or stuff


okay that isa bad answe but still lol im lazy


Well don’t expect people to answer something they don’t understand. Maybe they are also too lazy to help you out if you need it.


okay but where should i put comma then?


Well that is really off topic but I’ll do it once to show it to you.

I mean, like, they have more time to focus on bugs and stuff. You have probably heard of Batman. That game was broken. They didn’t spend time on it.
If they (I assume you mean the Boundless devs here) spend time, the game can have all of this and probably will. Because, hopefully, they never stop developing this game. It’s all I wanted in MC.

As a rule of thumb. A comma goes where you would pause in a sentence if there isn’t already a period.


okay thanks


This is funny coming from the player who fought so hard to continue to call the game Oort instead of Boundless because it was shorter. Not using punctuation is also shorter. And if you’re making the argument that doing something properly…

…then I could make the same argument about using an old game title on forums with new players coming in more than ever ;).

Not meaning to be rude, just wanted to poke fun at you ;).


Well, it’s a good point^^ And as you see I have adopted the word Boundless^^


Player Entites

At the “Player Entities”
Health and Max Breath are already implemented, right? [3]
And at “Non-Player Entities”

Non-Player Entities

Mobs already drop items, dont they? [5]
and the Variety of entities that are either hostile or docile towards the player. [7].


And have a breath-meter element that appears when the player goes into an area in which they cannot breathe, is kinda implemented [6]

Dont know if someone mentioned this already, but here you go :wink:


Is This updated how manny can we check Done now?


I think this is completely outdated as we’re now on the C++ version where a lot of things have changed.


Hey Guys, yeah this checklist is absurdly outdated as life kind of got in the way of me working on this. I have a modicum of more time now, so if this is still useful for everyone I will try and update it towards what the game currently has. Otherwise, if I cannot keep up, I am more than willing to hand the list off to someone to keep better care of it if possible.