Ye New Checklist for Devs

This post is now a wiki post. Please follow the format already used as closely as possible for all future edits and additions. -Havok40k

TL;DR: A checklist of every feature players have mentioned they would like to see in the game, adjusted for a realistic output and to be a convenient work load/roadmap for the Developers.

Here is a list of items that people have mentioned they would like to see in the game eventually.

Note! Some of these have already been mentioned by the devs to be in the works, this is more of a checklist to ensure every idea that has been had that is not yet in the current release can be remembered and not lost in the vaults of obscurity. Additionally, not all ideas are meant for the release version of the game, but rather what the game can grow into.

I tried to reference as many of the original idea proposers as I could, but I am sure I missed/mistook a few, so apologies. Unfortunately the links for a lot of these posts no longer exist so all we have are names, but I think that might be enough for now. On that note, here is a list of all known generators for the following ideas:

Umajianu, Zouls, Rukio, Antignarot, Eric Steiner, Mr.Stuff, Grimoire, Master Chill, Huehuehue, Toukon, Ardos, cocopuff21, Hiolopologius, Eph, Hiyosup, Bokke, Austin, Patfor333, Azraile, Havok40K, Essa, Vishiax, Favorlock, Thorbjorn, NeonZerglin, Bregma, elsaraiva, Dasachi, Grey, TheEnlightenedOne, Spaz, dommy 43, NoxiousRaven, GnomeChompsky

Hopefully this can be edited in a timely manner, I apologize if things fall through the cracks. I have also indicated which features already exist and which have been mentioned by the Devs.

General Features-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  1. Worlds filled with voxels that can be interacted with. [Done!]

  2. Expand worlds to a variety of sizes, from 4km^3 to 20km^3.

  3. Have different environments that can occur upon these worlds, such as:

  • Grasslands [Done!]
  • Forests above and below ground.
  • Jungles
  • Oceans of water and lava above and below ground. [Done!]
  • Lakes of water and lava above and below ground.
  • ‘Ponds’ of water and lava above and below ground.
  • Rivers
  • Tundra
  • Ice Sheets and Spikes [Done!]
  • Glaciers
  • Deserts [Done!]
  • Badlands
  • Caves/Caverns/Chasms [Done!]
  • Islands [Done!]
  • Mountains [Done!]
  • Volcanoes
  • Swamp
  • Floating Islands with the above. [Done!]
  • Gravity wells that make travel difficult.
  • Hostile terrain that spawns infected variants of natural entities.
  • Oortian ruins that exist both on the surface, below the surface, and underwater.
  1. Have flora that can grow and spread out upon these worlds, such as:
  • Deciduous Trees [Done!]
  • Coniferous Trees [Done!]
  • Acacia-esque Trees [Done!]
  • Redwood-esque Trees
  • Boab-esque Trees
  • Campanulate Flowers
  • Funnelform Flowers
  • Trumpet-Shape Flowers
  • Salverform Flowers
  • Tubular Flowers
  • Urceolate Flowers
  • Bowl-Shaped Flowers
  • Saucer-Shaped Flowers
  • Stellate Flowers
  • Cruciform Flowers
  • Labiate Flowers [Done!]
  • Papilionaceous Flowers
  • Ligulate Flowers
  • Wheat-esque Grasses [Done!]
  • Broadleaved Grasses
  • Seedpod Grasses
  • Bulb Roots (Onions, Potatoes)
  • Long Roots (Carrots, Hemlock)
  • Conical Mushrooms
  • Giant Mushrooms
  • Toadstool Mushrooms
  • Coral
  • Seaweed
  • Lilypads
  • Ivy
  • Shrubberies
  • Moss and Mold
  1. Have the worlds naturally regenerate from player interactions, allowing a fresh experience for others. [Done]

  2. Have naturally occurring weather patterns that interact with the terrain permanently, such as:

  • Rain that causes exposed dirt to become mud for a short period.
  • Thunderstorms that cause exposed dirt to become mud for a short period of time and induce lightning strikes that can set fires and destroy terrain.
  • Sandstorms that cause vision and movement impairment and hurt the player.
  • Snow that accumulates on the ground and makes movement more difficult.
  • Blizzards/Hail that cause vision and movement impairment and hurt the player.
  • Wind that makes movement difficult in one direction but sped up in the other.
  • Wind Spirals that destroy the terrain and will do extreme damage to the player.
  • Meteor impacts that rain small fires but also drop materials not otherwise found on a world.
  1. Make environment mutable such that they can change themselves and surrounding terrain permanently, such as:
  • Currents in rivers.
  • Waves in large bodies of water.
  • Accumulation of snow when it snows and sand when there is a sandstorm.
  • Cause sinkholes to form in terrain that can draw the player into the ground and are difficult to get out of.
  • Very rare eruptions of lava from volcanoes.
  • Whirlpools in water or lava that can suck the player down below a depth they can get up from on a single breath.
  • Geysers that will gush out water, steam, or lava.
  • Mineral Spouts that will gush out ores and other materials occasionally.
  • Growing stalagmites and stalactites.
  1. Make weather patterns mobile and die out after some time.

  2. Make the sky have various features that can occur, such as:

  • Stars in the nighttime sky and occasionally in the daytime. [Mentioned]
  • Aurora Borealis.
  • Multiples of suns and moons.
  • Various cloud types. [Mentioned]
  • Solar and Lunar Eclipses.
  • Pulse flashes from Pulsars.
  • Very rare novas and supernovas from distant stars.
  • Destroyed planets/moons.
  • Massive black hole sucking sun inside.
  • Meteor shower.
  1. Have ambient sounds to the world that reflect the terrain you are in. [Done!]

  2. Have multiple dimensions to a world that provide a different take on said world.

  3. Have random caches of treasure spawn in hard to reach locations.

  4. Include dynamic shadows on all terrain features.

  5. Hidden portals to rare worlds/areas.

Gameplay Mechanics-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  1. Have worlds be classified into different tiers, with higher tiers having more hostile environments and more occurrent hostile weather systems, but with superior materials. [Mentioned]

  2. Have Oortian ruins be filled with puzzles that must be solved in order to venture deeper to achieve loot and artifacts.

  3. Have worlds wrap on themselves such that they can be circumnavigated. [Mentioned, Implemented in World Builder]

  4. Have worlds that only exist for a short period of time that are accessible from killing event Titans. [Mentioned]


  1. Have an entity that a player can control and interact with the world through. [Done!]

  2. Have all the actions that the player’s character does be animated, such as:

  • Harvesting
  • Combat [Slightly done]
  • Trade with other players [Done]
  • Emotes and chat [Mostly done]
  • Interact
  • Swimming [Done]
  1. Have player entities have a variety of attributes, such as:
  • Health [Done]
  • Energy/Stamina/Will/Mana/intelligence
  • Endurance/Hunger
  • Movement Speed
  • Attack/Harvesting Speed
  • Max Breath
  • Armor/Damage Mitigation/Evasion
  • Buff and debuff
  1. Have a variety of sizes the character can be, such as:
  • Small (1 block height) [Mentioned]
  • Medium (2 block height) [Mentioned]
  • Large (3 block height) [Mentioned]
  • Free size edit from 1% to 100%
  • Bodypart size edit from 1% to 100%
  1. Have a variety of races that players can choose from upon character creation, such as:
  • Reptiles like turtles, lizards, and snakes.
  • Mammals like simians, felines, lupines, bovines, and hircines.
  • Plants/Mushrooms like ents and myceliens.
  • Insects like moths.
  • Avians like birds and bats.
  • Aquatics like cephalopods, fish, and amphibians.
  • Dragons with tail and wings.
  1. Have a variety of features that players can modify upon character creation based on the race they choose, such as:
  • Face Style (Simian, Avian, Insectoid, Snouted)
  • Eye Style, SIze, Color (Vertically Slit, Horizontally Slit, Circular, Compounded)
  • Texture Style and Color Scheme (Fur, Skin, Scales, Chitin, Feathers)
  • Wings (None, Sinewed, Feathered, Membraned)
  • Hand Style (Claws, Pincers, Fingers)
  • Leg Style (Forward Jointed, Reverse Jointed)
  • Foot Style (Avian, Hoofed, Toed)
  • Misc. Details (Tattoos, Scars, Spines, Crests, Shells)
  • Color palette for full/detailed coloring.
  1. Have a variety of racial traits that players can pick from, such as:
  • Ability to see in all light levels the same as if there was normal brightness.
  • Ability to fly if wings are involved.
  • Ability to breathe in water or lava.
  • Ability to ignore damage from poison, burning, falling, or freezing.
  • Ability to harvest faster.
  • Ability to move faster.
  • Ability to have more health, Energy/Stamina/Will/Mana, or Endurance/Hunger
  • Ability to jump higher
  • Ability to be invisible
  • Ability to take special form
  • Ability to manipulate creatures

Non-Player Entities--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  1. Create a variety of entities that are either hostile or docile towards the player.

  2. Assign attributes to entities similar to players’ attributes

  3. Like players, allow for various entity sizes, but with the additional Tiny and Giant sizes.

  4. Like players, allow for various races, such as:

  • Insects
  • Arachnids
  • Spores
  • Fish
  • Birds
  • Cephalopods
  • Cetaceans
  • Bats
  • Protectors
  • Titans
  • Elementals
  • Lupines
  • Felines
  • Hircines
  • Ursines
  1. Have Non-Player Entities drop loot around them on their death that correspond to the entity killed. [Mostly done]

  2. Have these entities have various traits, such as:

  • Luminescence
  • Elemental Resistances
  • Elemental Damage added to Attacks
  • Resistance to Physical Attacks
  1. Have the ability to tame all but Giant Non-Player Entities.


  1. Make a player Heads Up Display that has mutable elements, meaning that they can affect the elements by:
  • Changing the size of the elements.
  • Changing the position of the elements.
  • Changing the opacity of the elements.
  1. Have an element that lets the player know information about their health and any other intrinsic elements. (Stamina, will, hunger, endurance, etc.) [Done!]

  2. Have an element that let’s the player know what active effects are occurring to them.

  3. Have a compass bar element if that player has a compass-item in their inventory that shows cardinal directions and points of interest.

  4. Have a mini-map element if the player has a map-item in their inventory that shows the surrounding terrain that can be zoomed in and zoomed out. [Done!]

  5. Have a breath-meter element that appears when the player goes into an area in which they cannot breathe. The meter should flash red when below 20% of it’s total value.

  6. Have a Utility Bar element that allows for the player to select an object that they utilize in the world. [Done!]

  7. Have the ability to toggle whether or not player names are seen through opaque entities.

Inventory Menu-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  1. Have an inventory menu that will display a variety of information, such as:
  • Current world coordinates. [Mentioned]
  • Current Name/Titles displayed on your character and a toggle for whether or not those names/titles are shown to other players in the overworld. [Mentioned]
  • Current Guild Memberships. [Mentioned]
  1. Have a category in the Inventory Menu for each type of carryable object, such as:
  • Placeable blocks. [Mentioned]
  • Equipable items. [Mentioned]
  • Non-placeable objects. [Mentioned]
  1. Have access to the Utility Bar from the Inventory Menu. [Done!]

  2. Have an informational popup that is displayed when mousing over an object that displays that object’s properties. The information, if applicable, is as such:

  • Personal name, if crafted. [Mentioned]
  • Natural name. [Mentioned]
  • Tier. [Mentioned]
  • Crafter’s name, if crafted. [Mentioned]
  • Special traits, if equipment. [Mentioned]
  • Base traits like durability, damage output, and speed. [Mentioned]
  1. When you mouse over an equipable item you see not only that item but what is currently equipped in the slot it goes to.

  2. Have objects that are the same be stackable. [Done!]

  3. Have clickable buttons near the player information and the location information that allow the production of Soul Essence and Navigational Essence, respectively. Soul Essence contains information on character map progress and player bio, Navigational Essence contains information on the exact coordinates of the point at which it was created. [Mentioned]

Player Menu-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  1. Have a player menu that allows access to the player’s equipped gear slots, such as:
  • Head slot
  • Neck slot
  • Body slot
  • Foot slot
  • Hand slot
  • Wrist slots 1 & 2
  • Face slot
  • Bag slot
  • Primary weapon slot
  • Secondary weapon slot
  1. Have the option to toggle the appearance of equipment on a character.

  2. Have a set of clothes that can be shown instead of armor that is hidden.

  3. Have a list of titles that can be displayed alongside the character’s name both before and after.

  4. Have a list of current attributes and their values and skill advances with all skills currently unlocked.

  5. Have the option to color the appearance of equipment on a character.

Map Menu--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  1. Have a map menu that shows the regions the character has been to and seen.

  2. Have the ability to right-click a point on the map and mark that point with a name. This marker can be seen on the compass bar and mini-map.

  3. Have a toggle to switch to a star map, displaying known worlds and systems and navigated portals that link between them.

  4. Have a clickable button that brings up a list of currently carried Soul Essence that can be consumed, adding that player’s map information to your map.

Storage Menu---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  1. Have a storage menu with the same categorical distribution of items as the inventory menu that shows you all objects in storage vessels near you.

  2. Have objects transferable to your inventory via a double left mouse click.

  3. Have a categorized slots for different type of blocks that can be stacked with greater number than in player inventory.

Crafting Menu---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  1. Have a crafting menu with three categories:
  • Ingredients [Mentioned]
  • Modifications [Mentioned]
  • Outputs [Mentioned]
  1. Have a categorical list of current items in your inventory displayed below the above categories. [Mentioned]

  2. Have the ingredients category have a 3x3 input area where you can drag your inventory items to. [Mentioned]

  3. Have the modifications category have two slots, one for gems and the other for runes.

  4. Have the output category list all of the objects that you know you can make from recipes or otherwise. Those objects that can be made with the current objects in the ingredients category will be lit up.

Options Menu---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  1. Have an options menu where players can adjust the following gameplay/video/audio arrangements: [Done!]
  • Draw Distance
  • Terrain Detail
  • Foliage Quality
  • Clouds
  • Cloud Shadows
  • Weather Effects
  • Small Wild Fauna
  • Reflections
  • Per-Pixel Lighting
  • Smooth Normals
  • Volumetric Fog
  • Post Effects
  • Anti-Aliasing
  • Depth of Field
  • Bloom
  • God Rays
  • Lens Flare
  • Soft Cloud Clipping
  • Advanced Entity Lighting
  • Full Screen Mode
  • Screen Size
  • Beacon Effects
  • Head Bob
  • Invert Y Axis
  • Pad Invert Y Axis
  • Mouse Sensitivity
  • Keyboard Layout
  • Sound Volume
  1. Have the ability to toggle the effect scale of most of the options rather than a simple ‘On/Off’ switch. [Done! (Mostly!)]

Controls Menu--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  1. Have a Controls Menu that allows for the reassignment of keys and mouse buttons to all the various actions that can be enabled.[Done! (Mostly!)]

  1. Have a system in which one can call up a chat bar that allows full keyboard input in order to communicate with other players. [Done!]

  2. Have a scaled system for the chat for purposes of keeping some chat private while other messages can be broadcasted loudly. The scale could be as such:

  • Whisper range that shares the message only with the players that are expressly mentioned in the message
  • Default range that shares the message with everyone nearby.
  • Yell range that shares the message with everyone in a fairly large range.
  • Megaphone range that shares messages with everyone in same server (limited use)

  1. Have the ability to craft different objects be granted by reading/consuming a recipe for that object.

  2. Have different types of objects be crafted at unique crafting tables or altars that fit their type.

  3. Have the following interactable furnishings available for crafting:

  • Tables of various sizes and styles.
  • Chests, safes, armoires, coffers, urns. [Mentioned]
  • Doors of various sizes and styles. [Mentioned]
  • Beds of various sizes and styles.
  • Chairs, couches, benches, stools.
  • Bookshelves and item shelves.
  • Equipment stands and display cases.
  • Mailbox and guestbook.
  • Statues, trophies, paintings, and models.
  • Carpets and rugs.
  • Cages and fishtanks.
  • Openable windows.
  • Desks of various sizes and styles.
  • Torches, lamps, and candelabras. [Mentioned]
  • Bulletin and chalk boards. [Mentioned]
  • Banners. [Mentioned]
  • Locks. [Mentioned]
  • Flower pots and urns.
  1. Have the following equipment available for crafting:
  • Light armors such as cloth.
  • Medium armors such as fur and leather.
  • Heavy armors such as plate and mail.
  • Picks for mining. [Mentioned]
  • Spades for digging. [Mentioned]
  • Axes for woodcutting. [Mentioned]
  • Grappling Hooks for scaling. [Mentioned]
  • Jewelry for added effects.
  • Scopes for improving the mini-map.
  • Compasses for allowing the compass bar.
  • Maps for allowing the map menu.
  • Melee weapons such as daggers, sickles, short swords, longswords, claymores, katanas, rapiers, quarterstaves, spears, halberds, scythes, clubs, maces, hammers, knuckles, claws, and chakrams.
  • Ranged weapons such as slingshots, bows, crossbows, slings, boomerangs, chains, throwing knives, and bombs.
  • Magical foci such as scrolls, books, tablets, lutes, flutes, drums, shells, chimes, and bells.
  • Shields
  1. Have the following misc. objects available for crafting:
  • Runes to add magical elements to objects both in the over-world and in the crafting menus.
  • Writable journals, scrolls, and tablets.
  • Utility blocks.
  1. Have the following consumable objects available for crafting:
  • Potions and poisons
  • Food and drink. [Mentioned]
  1. Have the ability to repair equipment for a certain amount by using materials that went into it’s creation.

  2. Have the ability to deconstruct objects for a chance to gain materials that went into creating that object, and in very rare cases have the ability to get a recipe that can be used to learn how to make that object.

  3. Have the ability to dye appropriate objects different colors.

  1. Have a system setup for placing blocks in different shapes and arrangements such that you hit R to toggle the Sculpting Bar and select the shape you desire from the list of available forms:[Done! (Mostly!)]
  • Input 1 creates a 45 degree sloped block on it’s square face.
  • Input 2 creates a 45 degree sloped block on it’s triangular face.
  • Input 3 creates a small corner block.
  • Input 4 creates a large corner block.
  • Input 5 creates a saddle shaped block.
  • Input 6 creates a pyramid style corner block.
  • Input 7 creates a step block.
  • Input 8 creates a half block.
  • Input 9 creates a wall block.

Additionally, a sculpted block’s direction is determined by the direction your character is facing. Thus, if looking up, you will place the bottom of the new block on the bottom surface of another block above you.

  1. Have some blocks be unstable without having another block beneath them, thus leading to them falling such as:
  • Sand
  • Gravel
  • Snow
  • Water
  • Lava

  1. Have utility objects have permission controls accessed by right clicking on locks applied to them. Only allow those players who have had their Soul Essence contributed to the lock by the creator of said object be able to activate or manipulate the object. These utility objects include:
  • Crafting Stations [Mentioned]
  • Beacons [Done]
  • Portals [Mentioned]
  • Powered objects.
  1. Have beacon objects that behave in the following ways: [Done]
  • Is subject to the utility permission rule above
  • Stops the regeneration of the world within it’s space.
  • Applies a blanket permission rule to all objects within it’s space.
  • Can be expanded by adding more Oort Shards from the particular world it is on to it.
  • Can have it’s appearance changed in terms of color, effects, and opacity.
  • Number of beacons a character makes is limited on a world.
  • Have the necessity to maintain beacons through feeding more Oort Shards over time.
  1. Have warps/portals that behave in the following ways: [Mostly done]
  • Is subject to the utility permission rule above
  • Stops the regeneration of the world within it’s maximum space.
  • Applies a blanket permission rule to all objects within it’s space.
  • Can be expanded by adding more Rift Shards from the particular world it is on or connect to to it.
  • After a period of time Portals collapse into a Portal Node that can be reactivated with Oort Shards.

  1. Create a system whereupon you destroy a block entity and receive an object related to that entity. [Done!]

  2. Have higher tiered materials take more durability out of a tool such that old tools do not become obsolete, just inefficient.

  1. Have a system whereupon one can take the seeds or the essence of a plant and plant those objects in the appropriate soil type to produce a plant of the seed/essence type. [Done!]

  2. Make it so that the more seeds/essences used the larger the plant yield. [Done!]

  1. Dying incurs a toll of varying extremes based on the tier of world you are on such that low tier worlds will ensure all of the inventory is retained on respawn, mid tier levels will retain only equipment on and off the character on respawn, and high tier levels will retain only what is equipped on the character.

  2. Combat is done in an entirely different mode from building, toggled by hitting a keyboard key.

  3. In combat, the Utility Bar is replaced with the Combat Bar, which has a list of abilities that can be used with the weapon layout you currently have equipped.

  4. Attacks are done by selecting an ability on the Combat Bar, and instigating an attack through the left click.

  1. Have a skill system in place that increases in level the more you take part in actions relate to that skill. Thereby, actions related to that skill are expanded upon and become more efficient.

  2. Have a skill tree system where u take different type of nodes when leveling up.

World Builder----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  1. Have a system in which a player can create a new world that is applicable to being implemented into the host of in-game worlds. [Done!]

  2. Have the Builder have the ability to change a variety of worlds options, such as: [Done! (Mostly!)]

  • Atmosphere type and color
  • World color schemes
  • Biomes
  • World Size
  • Flora/Small Fauna types
  • Natural Conditions like Gravity
  • Weather Cycle
  • Elongation of heights/widths of certain terrain

Creature Builder------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  1. Have a system setup in which players can create new fauna that is applicable to being implemented into the host of in-game creatures.

  2. Have the following manipulatable features for the creatures:

  • Creature Type (Reptilian, Mammalian, Protector, etc.)
  • Size
  • Color Scheme
  • Movement Type
  • Body Shape
  • Leg/Arm Shape
  • Head Shape
  • Misc. objects such as horns
  • Inherent strengths/weaknesses
  • Loot drops

Voxel Builder----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  1. Have a system in which players can create new block types, items, and even structures that can imported into the World Builder.

  2. Have the following options for the creation:

  • Voxel Size
  • Inherent Trait/Dynamics
  • Color Scheme

Please let me know of any items you feel are absolutely appalling or if I have missed anything!

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I made the suggestion about more than one dimension. That is definently not one I want to get lost. Especially since he somewhat hinted that they might add it later on.

Can be found here:

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Great list, and really nicely put together. @ben @james could you all possibly sticky this? As long as people dont start making suggestions directly on it?

that looks like it took a long time to compile! good job!

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Current as of March 20, 2015

Current as of March 28, 2015

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Wait a sec I think I’m not sure if I understand that. Do you mean the worlds are 4 km high and you want to make them 20 km high?! Just confused about the height ^^

If 256 blocks are 4 km, then 20 km would be 1280 blocks :open_mouth:



4km would be 4000 blocks … Dann that falling would take hours if constantly bouncing ;D … But such heights would be problematic cause the size of the data of the worlds would explode when expanded on such a hight ^^

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For sure, but I was airing on the side of realism for some of these inputs. For instance, we have an atmosphere that goes well beyond even 20km.

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Can you make one work 2x2x30 or 50? :stuck_out_tongue: Wanna jump from the top till the end and feel like I’m flying! We… We need parachutes!!!

But btw. do you try to do it 1280 blocks high or 20.000 blocks? 0.o Or do you want to keep it 256? :smiley:

Far more than 256. 20,000 would be a tad insane, however. But can you imagine builds that fully utilized that space…

I dont want to xDDD But just think about Floating Islands! From the ground it’s impossible to see them, because they are just too far away, but if you fly in the sky (implied that you can fly in SOME way in the endgame) and you find an MASSIVE Floating landmass… Thats… Amazing!

Or with 20.000 blocks high Worlds you can raise the common Waterlevel to 5.000 or 10.000 and make awesome deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep Oceans. Well in that case diving gear would be a thing we need then. If structures underwater are an thing then you can dicover really cool ruins…

Oh and if the ground level would be at 18.000 you could make really REALLY big caves… Soooo much awesomeness ö.ö I can’t handle it. But yeah its a lot of memory space :smiley:

I think keeping the mass of data in mind larger worlds would lead to, I would prefer maz be 512 as a hight in mind. 256 can be a bit to low if you wnat to have a world with high mountains and still a good underworld, but 512 would be enough. just realise how big the data will be if you add more (for example 256x16kx16k would be 131gb of data (2 bites per block). double the hight = double the size :confused: … that can grow very big quickly.

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Is this a offcial checklist?

This is a checklist of the general suggestions put forth by players in these forums. It is not official but a culmination and clarification of all the topics below.

In the menu section (whole section listed as ‘done’)
We still cannot affect our keyboard layout (key rebinding)
though it has been mentioned and is on their to do list

Wrapped worlds are also possible now in the world builder. that might count for something.

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Will be addressed shortly!