Year ~198, The Oorty-Bones Industrial Average has risen 3.09%

Last year (rl week) saw a drop of over 11% on the OBIA, driven mostly by a 38% decline of the commercial sector. This year’s 3% rebound is due in part to a 25% increase in rough oort inventories and a 15% rise in the extraction sector.


I have no idea what any of this means, but it brings to mind a story…

The wildest thing I ever did in this game was decide to extract my entire oort stash into shards.

I had, I dunno, a pretty good stash going. The update (24whatever with compact oort) was just announced and I decided what the heck, my cabinets were full, I’d make shards and start compacting any fresh oort I got.

~24 - 25 stacks of rough oort later OMG that was the best leveling I think I ever did in this game. And I mean there’s clips of me collecting millions of experience in a factory run, demonstrating farming techniques, etc … but the XP from that was ridiculous.

Turns out overall it was a bad decision. Not for making the oort shards, but for the fact that I compacted 2 SS of compact oort before I gave it up :rofl:

But yeah that was by far and away the best leveling “session” (It took a couple days even with 30+ extractors on it) I ever had. Wild :crazy_face:

I could see why this sector would be showing an increase in activity.


Hahah I made sure to keep the blurb ambiguous to look more official than it is, considering I’m only tracking 10 items for this index. “Extraction sector” is mining/hunting for raw mats, and tracks forge mats since anyone serious about those industries uses forged equipment.

I do love me some oort shard xp!