You can "Ride" a wildstock!

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Probably useless knowledge nobody needs.

So you can “Ride” a wildstock. You can also change it’s direction and use it for a possible minigame (When I get all the details figured out, I’ll host a tournament for it.)

Step 1: Find a flat area with normal level baby wildstocks.
No prefix before the name. Higher level ones will knockback you farther and possibly mess up this tactic
Step 1: Use the wildstock as a compass, and stand in the direction you want to go, looking behind at the wildstock.
Step 2: Grapple the wildstock. Wait for it to attack you. Be sure to stand really close to it.
Step 3: When it attacks you, reel in the grapple. As it attacks you it’ll push you in the direction of the ram. (when you hear “taktaktaktaktak” in your audio, you did it right.
You will take a small amount of damage during this. It also moves you relatively fast but it’s main purpose is for when you want to take damage

The invincibility frames will only let you take 100 damage from the wildstock

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