Your Best Skill Page!

So it seems this game is down to maybe 1000 active players and maybe 50 actives here on the forum or elsewhere. A guess here or joke.

With that said let’s get a conversation on the best SKILL PAGE setup. Maybe as new players come along they can be set for a great experience in the game.

Yes, I do know Guild Buffs help a lot but active Guilds with buffs is limited.

My mentor and best friend have given me their thoughts, now let’s see all of yours.

Let’s not fight 90% of us are adults or so I’m told that I’m an adult.

Here is my favorite but at times I feel I’m lacking.

Z :rabbit:


Will Post my 5 Skill Pages later know Rendering 3rd Episode and can only one Thing a time on Playstation,

Perhaps i ll can make a short vid Out of best Skill Pages too and explain them If its OK for people that i ll Take their Pictures .


That sounds good.

Z :rabbit:


my best skill page is the one I have to wait 15 minutes to activate


If you stand by that characters main beacon, you can change skill page immediately and don’t have to wait the 15 minutes.


good info for those who don’t know but for me there are those moments when I’ve run the laggy marathon to a t6 world and then realise I don’t have the right skill page up and have to either port back home and redo laggy run or wait around for a few minutes :stuck_out_tongue:


Very good information. Almost 2 years in I learn something every day.

Z :rabbit:


Will be the one I’m going to make when the new update happens - when I can use 367 points on one page :grin:



Totally understandable

me also


Ill post my 5 pages tomorrow… (he said already being 3.19 am at this point so later today :wink:).

Edit srr irl stuff came up :wink:


Disclaimer: This is only on the testing branch. But having double the Vitality :slight_smile:


Im sorry so it took me a bit :grin: (forgetting doesn’t help either).

So main character Temmoky.

Skill page 1 (builder)

Skill page 2 (miner)

Skill page 3 (digger/lumberjack)

Skill page 4 (hunter)

Skill pag 5 (runner/hunter/gatherer)

This is my main character and im almost always on my first skill page.
Do want to point out the other skill pages change from time to time depending on what i am doing (job stays the same).

Alt page Temmeky/Mokey

Crafter/shop keeper.

Difference with mokey is that he specializes in consumable crafting and portals (no forge skills).

Last thing i want to point out the tax epic.
If you are using this to pay less taxes in the character owned shop plots make sure the skill page that has this is always active… because if you switch with said character to an other skill page that doesn’t have the tax epic it will adjust so to all plots owned by said character. The reason why my crafters just have 1 page filled in and why i have 2 crafters.