Your early game progression makes no sense and bores me out of my mind

I bought this game back in Summer 2018 and really liked it then because the progression was perfect and barely grindy but then that september you really ****** it up. I try to get back every now and then but jeez.

I farm mats and need a place to store them so I want that but for that I need glue and for that I need the 4 part machine thing and for that I need to mine mats while all the while my inventory is piling up with ■■■■ and I just get confused with the damn litter.

Meanwhile I don’t have a single wall yet let alone and nice place because for a nice place I need a gazillion pl;ace taking machines. God. Boooooring. Let me be creative already. Jesus. I already have a 6 am 2 pm 2pm 10 pm job for that boring ■■■■.

That’s a whooooole llot of grinding for literally nothing. I can’t store my items properly so I discard them and there’s this endless grind. Your early game progression makes no sense while it most definityely did in Summer 2018. I come back every once in while hoping it’d be adressed but it seems it never will be adressed, Ok.

Minecraft Create and Satisfactory it is.


May I suggest you visit or start a [Creative] planet
try [Janus] from the TNT- main HUB :+1: :+1: :wink:

No need for Minecraft Creative play Boundless Creative :clap:

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If you played summer 2018… Game was still In EA
. Launch happened september 2018.

I miss EA… What changed… Well games develop but main part of the change At launch was skill tree update if i remember correctly.

I agree theres a lot To work on lower level progression… Like crafting times example


Yeah I had a load of fun back then. I feel like this game tries too hard not to be like Minecraft that it fails to fullfil its potential that and wanting too much like raids and whatever.

It was chill in Summer 2018 exploring caves and just doing your thing while visiting othr people’s buids and getting inspired. That’s what really pulled me in in the first place.

It’s so annoying you have to go into mines and get a whole list of ingredients before youi can make that one machine that makes that one black but your base needs varierity so you really need 20 machines each for that one block and so you grow bored and close the game. Meanwhile you constantly forget mats and confguse the order so you have to o back and forth endlessly being confused before you get that ONE BLOCK you need. 4 hours for that jeeeeeus.


oh right. I forgot you can store in the crafting bench. Damn. Ok, whatever.

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Theres many little tricks on early game that helps

Crafting table used as storage is one of them.

I did delete my old char and give it a go another time… Fresh start. I would say it was many ways faster leveling than it used To… As you can buy most of the stuff dirt cheap… Like coils etc.
But For newbie it might be a lot harder


What? Glue only needs furnace, only higher tier glues needs actual machines. If you mean bonding agent, sure, but that’s not early game anymore. Storage blocks only needs stone and glue, both are accessible with just crafting table and furnace, and it’s viable until late-game due to the interaction with adjacent storage blocks. There’s also using crafting tables for storage but that’s not even necessary.

Also, don’t need to exaggerate, there’s literally only 5 types of crafting machines in the game…

As someone that only started playing last month, the early game is somewhat grindy but it’s still fine, especially if you factor in joining the community.


Well for glue you only need the following. Sand and silty soil, etc which is cooked in the furnace.

Of you can just farm for materials, sell them, then buy what you need. Much easier.

I’ve been going round in Nia Zed Ka and while there are builds there is no one tio be found.

Theres several bigger cities In game… But truth To be told theres not many players… Small community.

Many veteran players stepped Down cause lack of content Or content that was not delivered. I i totally get that and i was one of them too. For me
EA was golden time of boundless For me… We had fewer players but we were more together i guess. Mainly due To the fact that there was just few planets For each region… Now we have like 1000 planets… If you count sovereigns too… Good luck finding someone.


Well ■■■■. I was thinking about going to another planet ansd turns out I need road runners for that and I sure as hell don’t fel like doing that ****** grind. Damn. I just want some shops. Ok, time to drop this. Good luck.

Theres several portal networks still running this day… Example TNT has kinda everything on same place… Shops… Sovereign planets etc… You name it they got it.

As a fellow (mostly) solo player, I understand how frustrating the grind can be. There’s a lot of stuff to do and there’s some very complicated concepts in the beggining of the game. I never realized it until I tryed to help a young cousin of mine during his first time playing. Although, you don’t need to do it all. It’s like a few people in this post said: try buying the things that you don’t want to grind for. And, if you can’t find stores or others players, try moving to another planet. But, if you can’t do none of these, you just need to ask for some help, either in here or in the in-game universal chat.
If you still want to continue playing the game, but want some help with the grind or anything else, please tell me and I’ll be glad to help you!


How to do the universal chat? Saw some peopler talking in some strange chat icon that I didn’t seem to have which first led me to believe they were close by but they were raelly not.

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sunkentown is waiting for players to join the city

10 charctrets

While in the game and plyaing on pc, press Enter and the Chat will appear:

20201226105847_1 !

Now, click on “Channel:” or press Tab:


This will open up all of the different chat options. Click on “Universal Channels” and select the desired channel:


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Thanks. I have gotten no replies to my universal cry for help tho. It wsa wayy esier when there was this big ass city on every planet with portals everywhere. It really changed but not for the better IMO. I mean, the totem tele tool is a good way to fix that buty oops they decided to turn that into a painful grind too. The one thing that would connect people because you know, people love to connet and syit

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Are you talking about the warp augment? That shouldn’t require roadrunners. You can turn any meat, tallow, or bone into the Fresh Vital Essence for those. I think there are 24 items that can make that.

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TNT is not accesable for since my mere presence kills me. Another grind.