Your fresh essence for my coins?

hello, community!

I’m buying fresh essence for 4c each!

new players or old can make a little extra cash here by buying cheaper and selling to me.
the baskets are on THE FUTURE and there is enough coins for plenty of essence.
are the baskets full? let me know here or in-game and I will empty them asap!

ps selling shimmering orbs at 9c

be boundless be awesome!


Kree Mall also has Fresh essence for sale at 4c each if you want to come empty all shop stands :laughing:


still buying :slight_smile:

how many do you need ?

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I’m about to make you broke and one of your baskets full

Z :rabbit:

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a lot still xD baskets up on THE FUTURE

:sweat_smile: :joy:

:+1: :+1:

how many is a lot mate ???

100k or 300k ???