Your turn devs

What are you doing now? 2 month since last update and not a single info about next update date, expect “soon”. From reading Steam forums, many backers are really upset right now. “Soon” is not enough anymore.


If you don’t think they’ve been doing anything, then you haven’t been paying attention. Take a gander around the devlog category and git learnt.


I challenge you to tell me on wich aspects of the game they are working right now. We dont know anything. I spent more than 200 bucks baking this game and I want news now.

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Lol! Well, since you think you’re calling me out or something, here goes!
Models (player race 1, male and female)
Multiple mobs (flying, chargers, rangers, melee, passive)
New tools
Weather effects
Sound effects
Plant life
World builder
Just to name a few.

I could provide links to where each of these things are mentioned and teased by devs here in this forum, but I’m on a cell phone at work and that would take me longer than it would take for you to actually look for yourself.
As for “I spent 200 bucks baking this game and I want news now!” Lol, cute.


Thats the point mate, you said it: “teasers”. Aren’t we funders of that project? Or Just followers? No offense to anyone, but I think that dev should be more transparent, we have no calendar, no “warning no updates for 6 months”, nothing. I mean, I want this game out, I want more backers to support it, but thats not the way it should be done. Many friends are asking me about oort progression, and Im respond them “almost nothing”…

Sorry for bad english

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Right… let me clear up a definition, transparency means showing what they know and what they do, which they are doing, your version of ‘‘transparency’’ is setting dates for features, again, they are following the real definition, they cant follow yours, cause they dont know when its finished, its not like they can look into the future and say ‘‘yep, this is clearly done at THIS date’’ they could set deadlines, however what if they arent finished with it by then? then the deadline doesnt matter, or they have to release something unfinished/game breaking. With this developement they are very very perfectionist so they dont release anything unless they know it works and is perfect, which has both an upside and downside.

Now, i hope you understand it , i would like updates too, we all want, however as they have said many times, its a matter of ‘‘Expectations vs reality’’, there is a reason that some games are in developement for 2, 3, 4, 5 and even 6 years, it takes time.

So i ask you, what is best, that you get your damn deadline and they release a feature that will break the game and make it unplayable, or wait a bit longer and then get something that is throughly tested and you know will stay in the game rather than maybe being a flop and being removed again?


Is’n it an alpha release? Things are aimed to be buggy and tested by us. Im sorry but you argument is invalid. Backers number is falling from what I can see on main site, and that must be the real problem. You talk about reality: no more money = no more dévelopement.

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All of these things have been addressed before by the devs and are easy to find on forum and main page. If you’re uninformed, that’s your own fault.

Thats not because it was addressed by them that we agree with it.

Sadly I have to agree with @sm0 to a certain degree. “Soon” and especially “big update” are things that dont go along with pre alpha games very well. As far as I know alpha/early access games are supposed to have a bunch of small and buggy releases and not some big and worked out ones like the ones the devs tease us with.

THIS. The current release policy would be perfectly fine for a finished game that waits for updates, not for an early alpha game.

The thing I personally dislike the most about the release policy of the dev team are those “surprise features/releases”. Every time I read that a “surprise feature” is going to get released I cant help but feel like being treated like a kid. After all Wonderstruck is a company trying to sell a product, you don’t see BMW, Apple or Intel surprise releasing anything…
But that´s probably a matter of opinion.


Totally agree with you on the “surprises” point.

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Nope, Pre-Alpha

Actually its quite valid, i apologize that you cannot comprehend it though :smile:

Nope, the only way that would be the case is if more people refunded the game than people bought it, which is not the case, however the number of backers per month is falling :smile:

Now lemme see again for alpha, which it isnt, i guess what you refer to is the actual ‘‘Early access’’ tag

Cool, no where does it say ‘‘add buggy and unfinished features’’ but rather ‘‘play a game that is not fully developed’’

Hmm, this says ‘‘update every month’’… oh wait… it doesnt. how curious.

this would be true if they lived on a month to month basis of the backing, so if they get 50k one month they use it ALL that month, and if they only get 4k then they have to starve to death, end of story. however that is not the case.

So to finish it off, you are dismissing objective arguments on the basis of subjective opinion, you use your subjective opinion as the objective way it works, those 2 things are not the same.

So please, i dont disagree that more updates would be nice, however i do not respect people who will say ‘‘but i think it should work this way, so therefore it should work this way’’

tsk… now im mildly annoyed, bloody hell.


A fair request.

Let me post a devlog “dev progress / status update” later this evening. (Doing family stuff at the moment.)

Post any questions you want to this thread and I’ll try to answer them in the update.

Update: No need for any fanboy discussions. Ask some questions and I’ll answer what I can.


I’m going to delete any non-constructive comments from the thread.


Many thanks, have to go for now, questions will come in devlog topic later.


Questions in this thread or on the devlog topic?

What is the current state of affairs? What sort of functionality is close to completion, what has a long way left to go? Is there anything not being tackled that will be a LONG way off?

Could you provide us with a timeline or sort of general timespan for designing, developing, and implementing things? I know this is dependent on many things and can different widely between different projects. Just curious.

Under “explaining the tiers, packages and keys” section on the main page, there’s a bit about a release in later 2015. I know this is dependent on many things, but is this still the general goal?

As you receive more players and the game becomes larger and larger, are there plans to expand the team at all? Or are any other methods being discussed about how to manage the game as it grows while also keeping a steady focus on improvement and expansion outside of hiring more people?

Sorry if these questions have been asked and answered before, just some of the more general questions that have been on my mind in the last few weeks. Thanks James!

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How are things coming along with ‘‘Progression’’ (heard you were working on it a long time ago)

How many ideas do you guys scrap per idea that makes it to the game and in general how many ideas are atleast tried out before they are scrapped (i assume this is also taking quite a bit of time)

Amazing that you do something like this in your free time :+1:

Well my biggest question is: Why don´t you put any feature that is passably working on the public servers/ Why do you pile content up to a big release like you do it now?

What is the reasoning behind the “surprise feature” policy?

You already showed us the first plant model and i wanted to know if the other ones are already finished too.
Are you already working on the next race?

That are all the question i have. Thabks for taking your time to answer them :slight_smile: