Youtube copyright?

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is any of your music in game copyright?
it show me as
Video title: [ENG/PC] Andsim Gamng - Boundless
Copyrighted content: नींद के लिए सुंदर वर्षा ध्वनि
Claimed by: SonoSuite

The copyright is held by our composer Peter Gregson. Is someone attempting to claim it?

is right one? if not it look like it is

should i claim it or this right
नींद के लिए सुंदर वर्षा ध्वनि - नींद के लिए प्रकृति ध्वनि
Sound recording
2:50:36 - 2:51:06 play match
On behalf of: Dreaming Sound
Monetized by copyright owner
i dont normally play music

FFS. They don’t own the IP. I’ll contact Peter and report it.

If there is a way to challenge the ownership - please do so…


yes i could claim it

these r the option
[ENG/PC] Andsim Gamng - Boundless
I believe this copyright claim is not valid because:

  1. I own the CD / DVD or bought the song online.

  2. I’m not selling the video or making any money from it.

  3. I gave credit in the video.

  4. The video is my original content and I own all of the rights to it.

  5. I have a license or permission from the proper rights holder to use this material.

  6. My use of the content meets the legal requirements for fair use or fair dealing under applicable copyright laws.

  7. The content is in the public domain or is not eligible for copyright protection.

haha - google translates it to:
Beautiful rain for sleep sound - nature sound for sleep

maybe its not the music :rofl:

(youtube copyright claims rain sound, made my day)


Whilst I’m not an expert, I think the right answer is #5. You have permission from us and Peter to create videos including the music.

Can you share a link to the video?


Ok thanks.

But still the rain audio is also correctly licensed.

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warning… 6hrs long


wow anyone put an sound audio to be copyrighted
should it be public free use?

Options 5 or 6 would be my suggestion.

(But I’m not a YouTube infringement expert!!)

i deputed it

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i got this email

Good news! After reviewing your dispute, SonoSuite has decided to release their copyright claim on your YouTube video.


Awesome. YouTube doing their job for once.


They have been very fast in dealing with copyright claims for me.

after that claims never got another one from them


@james this just happened to me, the exact same company copyrighted the rain music. I have disputed it and will let you know what happens

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I plan on uploading my 6 hour twitch stream from the weekend as well, so I’ll see if they jump on mine too.


they will, just mention u have permission by
Wonderstruck and choose “I have a license or permission from the proper rights holder to use this material.” when it ask u first
after few video they will not claim on your video anymore