Youtube copyright?

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We have a range of new biome and weather SFX in the pipeline so this problem might go away in the future.


Nice! Any sound that’s added will only improve the experience :+1:


lol i got another one :slight_smile:

Video title: [ENG/PC] Andsim Gamng - Boundless
Copyrighted content: नींद के लिए सुंदर वर्षा ध्वनि
Claimed by: SonoSuite

i have deputed
hope it will be lifted


did you guys have yours windows open while streaming?


That didn’t take long… the copyright claim email just arrived.

Might be worth Wonderstruck contacting youtube about all these bogus claims


yes, we want to play and show recording/streaming how awesome in boundless. wo getting copyright strike, i might be feeling getting one :neutral_face: i hope not


i agreed :smiley:


I’ve disputed it this morning and will let you know the outcome. Also waiting to see if they try the same thing for my 2nd video.

Edit: I found the section of the video that is in dispute. It’s just purely the sound of rain falling - I was standing outside when it was raining on Septerfon and not doing anything else (for a whole 33 seconds of my almost 6 hour steam lol). They must have some automated pattern matching or something, although I’m not sure how you can copyright the sound of rain?!?

The Claimant is actually SonoSuite - On behalf of: Dreaming Sound


there goes another disputed


@Stretchious u get any response back yet?


Not yet. Hopefully hear back today


3 day on one my video


no none my video is lifted from copyright yet


Just received an email about my copyright dispute…

Hi Stretchious,

Good news! After reviewing your dispute, SonoSuite has decided to release their copyright claim on your YouTube video.

Video title: “Boundless | Building a new house | Full Live Stream 2017-10 -23”

  • The YouTube Team

… checked on my account and it’s all clear now.


Same with mine, just got the email


me too :grin:


They must be handling claims in batches per claimants. All SonoSuit claims at once.


yes sound like it


Posted up another one last night and within 1 hour, they’ve claimed copyright over it again. It’s getting a little bit beyond a joke now.


Yeah, it’s pretty ridiculous.