Youtube copyright?

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mined havent yet i was no near the rain today i was in another game


It’s automated (audio fingerprinting) - likely they claimed the fingerprint, and YT’s automated thing is doing the heavy lifting. Unfortunately, not sure how to petition for the claim on that clip to be lifted globally (probably is a way)


Back almost 2 months ago I had a copyright claim from the same place on one of my videos. I of course disputed it and the claim got removed a few days later and I haven’t had any other issues since then and I’ve been putting out streams and videos pretty regular since then. I wonder why you guys have gotten multiple claims and I haven’t gotten anymore.


It’s all to do with the rain sound… whenever I stand still for a about 30 seconds when it’s raining in game, I get a copyright claim. Seems weird to me that you can copyright rain! lol


That’s what I was thinking @Stretchious! It’s such a common thing! They must have to deal with so many disputes that it would be easier to remove the automated system!!


My 2nd claim has been lifted now. Man, when it rains it pours :wink:


Haaaaaaa nice one :neutral_face:


any more claim after this patch?
i havent been streaming on yt


Then YouTube would be open to a lot of legal trouble. Companies have the right to protect their property. Luckily SonoSuit is releasing claims that were automatically generated.

Aside from music being the obvious copyright offender, sound effect files, thumbnails, graphic images used in the video, and even 5 second audio clips meant merely to be used as a quote for something can all be violating a copyright law.

If you don’t have permission to use something or the copyright holder has no issue with you using their material, expect a copyright claim. This has always been the case on YouTube. Just cause you haven’t personally dealt with a claim or heard of other people dealing with them, doesn’t mean they weren’t being given out.

So yes, a company can copyright a sound clip of rain falling hitting the ground if they so choose to. No different than them trademarking a name for one of their products.

When Guild Wars 2 came out NCSoft cracked down on content creators on Twitch. Made copyright claims on YouTube videos. All with the ideology of not wanting other people to financially benefit from their work and the work of ArenaNet. They still have the right to make claims and take content down, prevent twitch streamers from streaming it, etc. There’s a document on their website that even says they can if they so choose to enforce it.


No, because they don’t own the sound. Simple as that. the rain effects don’t belong to sonosuite, they were created for this game.


I never said they know the sound. I was speaking in generality because I assumed nobody was going to misunderstand my post.

Besides, I wasn’t responding to a matter of ownership in a copyrighted sound asset. I was responding in you saying to remove the automated system.

I hope you realize that every single game video on YouTube violates copyright law. And if those companies wanted to they could flag and get them removed from YouTube.

Not having ownership of a rain sound asset is just one reason why SonoSuit drops claims on videos around that audio. There are other reasons too, such as simply not wanting to deal with it or the content in question doesn’t hurt their brand.

Some companies simply don’t care if you make content of their products, like Blizzard Entertainment or Wonderstruck, so long as it doesn’t hurt their brand.


That doesn’t sound at all right, but I don’t know enough about copyright law to dispute it. I would assume this sort of thing would be covered in fair use laws?


That’s the thing about fair use, it’s a gray area that often gets abused by companies and individuals. One would need to speak to a copyright lawyer to really get a better explanation and for their questions to be answered. I only know extremely basic stuff based on my collective experience from making YouTube content and even that isn’t a good enough knowledge base to draw from.

Your videos can even get flagged now for using too much strong language (profanity) and lose partial or all monetization. But this is a separate issue in itself. Even certain keyword tags can get a video flagged. Again, a separate issue.

Are all of these things to punish content creators? No. They’re to protect the companies and individuals who spend advertiser dollars to promote their products and brands.

It’s often a practice of behavior to blame a company and dismiss the why behind a video being flagged. Knowing the why gives better context.

In the case of the rain sound effect, perhaps SonoSuit has something that is a close match to it. We don’t really know. We have no idea why the rain sound in Boundless is getting automatically flagged by SonoSuit’s CMS account on YouTube. If they were actually going to protect something that they own the rights to, they wouldn’t be releasing claims so quickly and instead letting it expire after 30 days.

Let’s just be glad that SonoSuit is even willing to unclaim videos that everyone is putting up. It isn’t like they have to.

I am glad claims are being removed from everyone’s videos. :slight_smile:


No, but the point is, I was saying that it would be easier for them. The point I was making was that there must be a multitude of false copyright claims they make, therefore they should just stop.


i guess no answer on my reply


An easy solution doesn’t always mean it’s the right one to take.

I’ll just agree to disagree.

Hopefully things workout for everyone in the end and things resolve themselves as peacefully as they have been.


I’ve not had any more issues. In my last dispute, I did suggest to them that they remove Boundless from their algorithm to prevent anymore false claims. Hopefully that means they did so.

On a funnier note, I didn’t even bother uploading my last one from the weekend, as I somehow managed to reduce my desktop audio on OBS just before I started recording. It’s like a silent movie with my voice chirping in every now and again lol :joy:


i am stream to yt at moment we will see if my video get claims


Yah, I tuned in to that one for a few minutes, got very confused :joy:


Lol another one

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