YouTube LP (Complete Newbie)

G’day all,

Only just got round to playing Boundless & I have stayed relatively spoiler free (not watching too much content on what I can do in the game) while still seeing enough to know it’s something I would enjoy.

Anyway, I am going into this Lets Play almost completely blind not knowing any recipes for crafting or how the majority of things work. Only put up a couple of episodes so far but if anyone is interested on seeing a complete newbie learn the game then enjoy!

Loving the community by the way. Such a nice bunch of players!


Welcome to the forums Edson!

I posted your videos in here last week, everybody loved them!


Japp, was fun seeing you play our game for the first time … And now: Welcome in the Oort/B< community :wink:

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Nice to meet you,if you ever need anything don’t be afraid to ask me, or the developers @Ben and @james!!

Thank you so much Squidgy! I had no idea you’d done that! Too kind sir :smile:


Thank you so much It’s a pleasure to be here :slight_smile: