Zebrahub, a low tier USE world hub based on Beckon. 🌐

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This is a portal hub to all USE worlds T3 and below, accessible via the SE corner of TNT (portal’s still unlabeled its the 2x4 portal to Beckon, second floor)

and the FIRM hub (planetary portal to Beckon).

If you want a planetary portal in this hub, now is your chance. if you want me to build a custom portal for your build, PM me through the forums for it.

If the project gets enough support, I could try to expand the hub to all the known worlds.

It also has a warp zone and ATR (automatic token repository) allowing you to deposit tokens and shortly after, get them featured in the repository for others to use in finding their way around the known worlds.
Fairy-Tale Province (Janus II, Creative)

Sinewiz Sanctuary (Beckon)

TNT megahub (Circarpous I , 2nd floor SE)

FIRM hub (Circarpous I, Planetary Portal)