[Zeta] --[Coal Tier 6 Exoworld]-- [Last Seen 12th May 2019] Landscape




ended up empty handed…



At first I wasn’t so sure about the palette for this one, but some of the regions felt really awesome.


How can we have a coal world that’s not PINK? I was laughing the whole time.


Can someone post the colors listed for the planet?

And if you have found any black mud or even just whatever the color mud it happens to be for the planet, I’d love to know where it is.

Thank you in advance


They’re in the OP you have to expand the list.


So around 2 hour mining trip

And for my part i did not find any mud on that planet @noniethepup



Second time getting sent to limbo. I died, I held the mouse button down, and went to limbo here’s my screen. Idon’t use the greatest PC but this is not a normal problem for me.

I can’t send an in game report or anything just have to close boundless and restart.

Also I don’t know how you guys find this stuff. I just spent over 8 minutes trying to find a glowcap, checking in and between two nearby hot spots, WITH an atlas.

I’ve never seen one in foliage, or underground. Can they grow in trees?


Nope, but this planet seems to have layers of ground with grass, so it might be “underground” actually.


It’s literally everywhere. At least was. I got about 50 of them accidentally while farming black grass seeds.


Thanks for the tip.


Well if you’re standing in the middle of those you should certainly be seeing them, especially if I was collecting them unintentionally.

Well good luck! It’s late for me.


Thanks I finally found 2, in a different spot.

Yes thank you, I went to another area and found at least 4 layers of ground (soil/grass). If I was tooled differently I would go back where i was and dig but there’s probably an entrance somewhere. This is basically like a cave system but with grass/soil.

Those are looking up and down from the same spot.


Thw timing of this planet only gets my fail flame burning brighter…said on another post that my bet was a dev forgot to turn on the planet RNG machine before the long weekend in the UK

Funnily enough I arriver in work 5 mins before this appeared…to get an early start in and catch up. Wonder if a dev had the same idea lol


At least we got one know, and one with interesting colours (excluding the gleam :p)… Looking forward to grabbing some blocks after work
And a huge thanks, as always, to @Gorillastomp for putting together these threads and those posting pics… Loads of info and some great shots



Sorry i farmed about 130 of them yesterday :cold_sweat:. Some are spawning on the rock layers floating in the sky. Some are hidden in the caves below

Edit:not the caves underground but the lowest level on the surface