[Zeta] --[Coal Tier 6 Exoworld]-- [Last Seen 12th May 2019] Landscape


I really enjoy the way the caves near the surface have grass, trees, and mushrooms growing. Feels a little bit more alive. I’d vote to keep this planet if we could.


Yesterday there were so many people rushing to grab the glowcaps I actually got ksed a couple times :rofl:

Probably because the white ones were gone so quick on the last planet.



Great shots all. :slight_smile: I know the color scheme here isn’t a favorite, but I have to say that this one as a particularly surreal, dream-like quality to it. Like, the canyons of the SW of the US mixed with Mars as interpreted by Dali, if that makes any sense, lol.


anyone find mud yet?


I wasn’t able to last night. I used an inky leaf + atlas and the plants spawn on dark soil with gnarled grass, not mud :confused: I don’t think there is any unless it’s underwater or you have to dig for it.


Thats what i was going to do, inky and atlas. well thanks that will save me time with that idea. I may just have to go swimming :-p


I spent about another hour and a half there after i came and whined about the glowcaps, heh.

Running the planet I was focused on those awesome aerial thorn growths and the terrain variation. This place reminds me so much of houchus i,Even without the floating surface.

You Like Layers?

We’ve got layers over layers.


Double Whammy:

There’s a lot of variety here. The glowcaps were 0.78% when i checked after vetteq’s comment - I put my atlas away and just wandered. After i quit I found one more later by accident.

I’m glad I did. All I’ve really farmed here is a bunch of thorns so far, but with about 4 hours just traveling the surface, in three trips, this planet has a HUGE amount of variety in terrain and landscape features.

I literally had deja vu a couple times about another planet but even without the crazy dark atmosphere it would be hard to mistake this for any of them. And glowcaps.glowcaps will continue to thwart me. I got 3.


So from what i can tell mud has not been found by anyone on this planet…why is it listed in the block tab in original post? unless someone has found it and i just missed the post…which could be a thing


I think they just post the data that was extracted from the DB, not that they actually looked for any of the resources yet.


This has come up multiple times. I believe the data set Gorillastomp pulled from shows all blocks with associated colors. That does not mean that all of the blocks will be used in the planet generation. For instance, Trior’s block list includes gleam and ice but it does not exist naturally on the planet.


I think every planet has colors for every block type.

I know raxxa has an ice color, for instance, but it only mattered during the snowball event.


Oh i was hoping that post would make someone come forward with MUD location!!! Like a prove me wrong post haha


You might get someone posting a picture of black mud but it wouldn’t be worth searching for.


I want the black mud :disappointed_relieved: I need to make my cowhide hunters lodge furniture…


Oh, I like this planet. There is only some strange thing with the water…


Anyone still going to this planet?

Is there still any of that gorgeous black lustrous wood?

Life has been cruel lately and the first exo planet I truly felt a need to go to i have been unable to.
I’m hoping tonight will be different but that’s only a hope.


I went there and grabbed about 4 smart stacks of wood myself today before I’d end up forgetting to do it before the planet goes.

Remember you can use regen bombs for wood and basic blocks.


Yes! Was just there last night and there was still a ton of it.

Can always buy some cheap regen bombs too.

Edit: I got ninjad by NerArth


You can take some copper regen bombs with you to get infinite wood. When I’m able to login later, I can give you the coords of some, if you haven’t found any by then.