1.0 content


With the full release announced as matter of months rather than years, I was thinking what of the known work-in-progress won’t make it for the full release and will be moved to after 1.0.

Here is a few things a would definitely love to see by 1.0 - I actually can’t imagine any kind of full release without them:

  1. New doors and the poles and trophies all available to craft.
  2. New monsters - at least Hunter and the worm-like rock eater, so we dont have to meet spitters, hoppers and cuttles in the caves.
  3. All top tier resources like oort, dark etc. with recipes based on them.

What you guys see as a must for the 1.0?
And what can devs say on this topic (meaning: what of the not implemented features they definitely want to bring before 1.0).?


I would love to see ladders and more furniture like charis you can sit on and tabels I know it’s not a hight priority but ladders is high on my list


Let’s try to talk about what has already been confirmed as future features - I’m trying to figure out which ones will make it for 1.0 and which will become after release upgrades.


that would be nice


More people… lol


I think that’s a planned feature :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Definitely Character Customization.

Followed by the skill tree rework and all the new props and doors.


Nothing about ladders and the new monsters, the other features mentioned above seem to be a work in progress



That roadmap predates the 1.0 announcement and has not seen any updates yet.
So we are a bit uncertain if everything on that list will make it to 1.0.
I hope so, though.


yeah - thats why I made the topic - just realized 1.0 will most likely have less content than I expected earlier, before the big announcement about releasing this year etc.


ah yes! I forgot that - how could I!
and different races with it! although if customization is in 1.0 with just current race to play, I will be happy enough; customization and a few races to chose from would be ideal! :heart_eyes::sunglasses:


Cant wait for the cat/wolf race :heart_eyes:


I hope so aswell though

But it also seems that there are less devlogs in general compared with a year ago and less info about what to expect of 1.0, or is it just me?


Character Customization sneak peak:


Yeah it seemed to cool down after initial busy time - but then again most cool ideas and concepts are there anyway.

I just realized that I haven’t mentioned Guilds - I think that’s a must for 1.0!!


I would love to see them too, but they are marked as post 1.0 even on the old roadmap.


didnt remember that one…


Hope they will make it ingame before 1.0


I just want ladders :smile:


it would make life alot more easy :smiley: