1.0 content


Being able to keep on leveling up and getting skillpoints. No levelcap at all in game, so i can fully level up my char and need no alts.


Here’s the thing man. James said the only content coming to us before 1.0 is new worlds (likely the new resources and recipes to go with them) and the Centraforge. Some balances and polishing up as well.

Honestly, we don’t really need new doors, deco poles, and trophies. They aren’t must haves by any means. At least in terms of before 1.0.

I think having a new projects from a fresh start, new worlds, new resources and recipes, and the Centraforge is going to keep people busy long enough for additional content to get pushed out to us. What kept all of us playing before this next Forge content patch is going to keep us playing for a while while new content comes out. Hopefully they mix and match a variety of different content in those patches so it isn’t focused just one one thing necessarily (Forge, Meteorites, surface resources, etc).

I still want Titans, air ships, and Redstone-like stuff. I even want more stuff to use Spark with, such as powered lights or doors etc.


I think this is one thing that should be added to what they said will be delivered at 1.0. Even with no more development really happening, we have seen this content showcased in pictures and actual renders.

Personally, I think it is critical that this is added so that our 1.0 builds are better looking than what we can currently deliver. It would be pretty sad to do a whole new build with new colors and everything and have the same limited functionality of no rails and simple doors.


Or to have to rebuild again once all of this is added.


I wanted to start a thread roughly about the same thing with a detailed, well-thought out list of the important things that have been discussed that we really need to have before 1.0 releases.
this thread seems to have been filled by quick replies and knee-jerk reactions.
I’ll put my thoughts here anyways because the thread is now started.

I have been putting this list together ever since the announcement.
the announcement came as quite a surprise to me, as I still think there are a lot of things we need to have before 1.0. I’ll start with the more important ones:

  • bug fixes
    (I know there’s a lot, things like getting stuck in blocks and then propelled upwards when dislodged is still happening… though I hear its fixed in this next eternally long update

  • more creatures
    (at least one more, one that can spawn in the hunts. we’ve seen at least 3 new creatures and only 3 types spawn from meteorites.)

  • proper text editing capabilities.
    (come on please, its painful. cant use arrows or click anywhere you want to edit. this is rage-inducing. would be for new players too.)

  • Smart stack tutorial.
    (the first time something is added to another stack to create a smart stack, there should be a popup telling you that you collected something that has combined together with something else creating a smart stack, then a lil explanation of how they work.)

  • More saved locations!
    (we have been using a stash of saved locations from back when there were only 12 planets. 32 slots was fine for this. plenty of space for a location of every planet, a few mining locations and a few for some friends bases. great. but now, (or soon) there will be well over 50 planets, maybe even hundreds!
    we can’t even map out 50 planets with this current limitation.
    the max should be at LEAST 128, preferably more like 256.)

  • The compass needs some love.
    (currently there are a few icons that don’t take priority, like the capital (there is only ever one) and your home (there is also only one) which always sit behind everything else. Cardinal directions should also be either above or below the compass line so you don’t have to look at the sky or your feet to see which direction you’re facing. I also really liked it when all beacons showed up on the compass. it was needed to see how far I was from anyone else because I was planning a very large build. We need a compass UI so we can enable/disable compass icons with a checkbox. it gets way too crowded even with settlements. but sometimes I wanna see everything. At the very least, the icon hierarchy could use a tweak, like: Tracking>home>friends>capitals>other players>settlements>beacons. something like that.)

  • Differentiate between left and right shift
    (not sure if it’s a mac thing or if it happens with everyone, but the game doesn’t recognize that I am pressing right shift vs left shift. it always says left shift even when I’m pressing the right one. I mean even my mac keyboard has a left shift and right shift. Now I’m not sure if both buttons send the same signal, maybe, but I am using a logitech keyboard so it shouldn’t matter.)

  • More races to choose from!
    (I’ve seen lots of concept art for characters, but we need to have a better variety for when the game releases. there will be a lot more complaints about lack of female characters or better variety.)

  • Chisel Preview!
    (I can’t even count the amount of times I’ve chiseled a block (THAT WAS HIGHLIGHTED) and the block behind it got chiseled. or the wrong corner got taken off and I have to start all over again.
    DRIVES ME MENTAL. sorry. but it does.
    it would make a world of difference if we could see a preview of what we’re about to chisel. very much like the block placement preview but line up the lines with the portion of the block that’s gonna come off. the preview would change depending on where on the block you are looking.
    Now I suppose this is more of a complicated thing so I can understand if it’s not in the game at 1.0, but we NEED it!)

  • Regional mob spawning.
    (I think it would be neat to see more or less mobs in specific areas. for example, more wildstock spawn in fields but less cuttletrunks and hoppers, more cuttletrunks spawn in floating mountain biomes but no wildstocks (except maybe up top hehe), or more hoppers spawning in swampy areas etc… it would add more dynamic to the wildlife and make it feel more natural)

  • Portal rendering fixes
    (what I mean here is when a portal is in water it creates a big square around the portal so if its halfway in, it looks like it’s sitting in a glass square, but if it’s fully submerged, it looks like a tall blue block. you can’t even tell it’s a portal.)

And finally my last point which I suppose isn’t needed but would make a lot of sense and bring more character to the worlds.

  • On toxic worlds only, have the mud actually toxic.
    (so when you walk on it you start taking damage. much like atmospheres but the mud will always be there unlike the weather which may only hurt you when it’s acid raining for example.)


Thanks @ctrl-64. Great list.
I most liked the biome-determined creatures which made me think about biome-determined weather effects which I’m almost sure will arrive with new worlds. That leads me to another thing I forgot about which is atmospheres implemented. That is something that I think needs to be done for 1.0 so we don’t settle in worlds first and then need to adapt to their toxicity by resetting our skills.

I agree with @Xaldafax here that it’s important to have them from start so we know their size and looks so we can plan our builds avoiding tedious rebuilding later. Maybe a must is a strong wording but I see it as important to have as many recipes as possible ready from the start.


The doors will most likely be a similar recipe and take up a similar size to what we have now for doors. The only difference on them would appearance.

Poles I see taking up a single block in size per application of the pole. So that’s pretty easy to plan for IMO.

It’s unlikely we’ll get them though before 1.0.


Your chisel idea really warmed my heart.

And I’m a robot, so that’s no small feat.


Confirmed for 1.0!


(Now i can sleep in peace again. :joy:)



now only waiting for beards to be confirmed :wink:


Oh man do I want @jesshyland 's doors and whatever other wonderful things she makes.

@crypticworlds she may actually have them ready for 1.0. I believe I remember a quote stating they are trying to do that. I think they are needed. There are a thousand ways to build a house in this game. And only 1 door, no matter how elaborate the house is.

When James said only the Forge and new worlds will be ready, he mainly meant meta game changes, and content that hasn’t even been developed yet.

@boundmore lmao

I’d like to see a way of adding friends through chat commands. Long term- maybe in-game mail.


My guess is that the doors simply need to be tied in to recipes matching each door type. The assets are already in game and functional. It’s almost certain they will be a 1.0 feature, along with the poles and fences and many other decorative props we have seen screen shots of.


Poles/fences are unlikely for 1.0, there are assets, but it needs the system implemented to handle how the poles and fences need to join together dynamically in a way that can work for interaction in the world and physics. It’s designed technically (as in the technical aspects) but not likely to get allocated pre 1.0 I think


So because some where on this site a developer said they might have them ready for 1.0 means they are needed for 1.0?

There could be a lot more valid reasons why they’re doing a product launch before a multitude of other features are implemented instead of waiting until they are in. One of those being budget and the other could be Square Enix (which shouldn’t matter either way). It doesn’t really matter what the reason is. We could be saying Titans need to be in 1.0 even though that makes zero sense. Same for Lances and that makes even less sense.

There’s no reason to say that doors and poles are any more important than any creature, item, block, color, crafting recipe, crafting station, world, weather effect, sound effect, etc. and should be in the 1.0 patch. We’re getting a new crafting station, new worlds, new skill trees, some balance tweaks, and a barrel of polish on top of all of it. I think that’s enough for a product launch.

I get that we’re a pretty greedy community when it comes to features or stuff for this game, but that doesn’t mean that any one of those things are more important than the other for a product launch when none of those things have even been mentioned to be in it. They have been, to my knowledge at least, always been something that was said they are working on or that they think might be possible. I think at this point for the product launch it’s better to plan any projects you have in Boundless based on definitive information rather than a possibility of something happening. If we get extra stuff for 1.0, we get it. That’s all we really can hope for.


Why do you crush my hopes? I’ve been an good boy all year, and you just basically told me Santa is dead. :sob:

Joking aside, I had assumed the poles and fences used some variation of the door placement logic for merging meshes. Thanks for the insight.


Sad times :sob:
It is sorta understandable though :roll_eyes:


Lol I’m being melodramatic, really Santa is just going to deliver my gifts in the months following xmas. I’m cool with that, I get to sleep in on Christmas now.

Ps if they release in February, I’ll consider it a birthday present :wink:


I think most of us are happy it’s going live regardless how much stuff they get to implement it at first or not. There are things not mentioned in James announcement that have been discussed that are mentioned they will be in the 1.0.

Recently more character creation options was mentioned, for just one example. Nothing wrong with this thread. Their not demands, just reminders of things we definitely feel are needed.


Its not the visuals that is the problem, its the physics basicly, because the poles dont reach the edge of the voxel pieces, and depending on what fence pieces may or may not be adjacent, the physics of the pole itself has to change shape to account for the neighbouring fence which “visually” bleeds across the voxel boundary.


Completely understand why the fence option is too complicated for 1.0. What about the new door visuals. Do they fall along the same lines programmatically as the existing doors in that we could see them introduced as well to just give some additional visual options for 1.0?