1.0 content


I believe @jesshyland already posted confirming the new doors for 1.0 (the next release to be more specific)




Thanks @lucadeltodecso , as somebody with next to no experience with programming, insights like this help me truely apreciate the amount of effort that goes into designing any single feature of a game. It’s crazy to me how many obstacles need to be overcome for all the things we take for granted!


:exploding_head: Ok, just for clarification, Santa is ok, right?

Really though, I’m pretty stoked about the doors!


For the record Zina… I want everything we can possibly think up for stuff to put in Boundless. There just needs to be a line drawn in the sand on when things get released into the game.

I am a pretty greedy Boundless player. I’ll never be satisfied with how many features, pieces of content, number of crafting recipes, how many blocks and items we have, number of creatures we can kill, etc. I will always want more no matter what.

That includes everyone’s coin. GIMME!!! :stuck_out_tongue:


I would like to see colored glass and the possibility of their transformation. And of course, interactions with water)