1 million coins for Code Gleam



100k finder’s fee, if you are able to get the owners of Code Gleam to sell their beacons to me for 1 million coins. I will keep Code Gleam active and supply the shards for the portals. I understand it would be far cheaper to just create a new code gleam, but I would like to keep the original design and creativity that they did and have accomplished before it decays and the world regens.

Thank you

Also only five people have submitted to the Christmas design contest and I’m paying out 500,000 to the top 15 entries with the most likes. There is two more days to submit your entry, 15 people are going to win the money, you might as well be one of them.


1 Million coin is what you value the footfall gen from that? That is fascinating. How much time do you think it will take for you to start to profit on this type of investment?



Trundamere, i’ll give you 50,000 coins if you want.


Sorry. I really have no use for Micky mouse monopoly money. You keep it.


I knew some enterprising young business person would come along and see this as and opportunity! You saw how many people responded to it going down. Clearly there is a market

Code Gleam was brilliant! First room sells Regen Bombs, and gleamstuffs. Portals and OOrt donations… Next would be to ammass the greatest outlet of Gleam in the universe!

“Need money? Code Gleam 2.0 buys select colors @ 1c ea!” it would be like working for 10c a second… not bad money for those in need. “Come work the Gleam mines!”

Then sell every color gleam/refined/lanterns/LED’s/signs at a markup in a second outlet.

There is money to be made besides the footfall… which with LED’s would have just cleaned up today =P


Well ill be damned. With how many people who were acting like its the end of the world, i would have never thought otherwise.

(This post is not to be taken seriously in any way, or shape… Share and Enjoy.)


The people to contact are Alastair66 & Brianamarie


Well I’ll be dipped in spit… woulda never thought you’d of never thought otherwise!

(This post is not going anywhere… I am bored)


I messaged them on Discord… now we wait lol


Wait we shall.



lol I didn’t even realize they were down, I always pay the 100c to warp directly there.