1 wide portals should have 90 degree rotation / orientation feature

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So many long standing ‘issues’ being chipped away at… Great work!


Woohooo !!! Finally !!!

Finally!!! Thank you so much! I’m more excited about this than I am farming


Unfortunately, I think that’s more confusing then what we have now. If the remote portal is facing E and yours is facing S. From which side do you have to open it that after X 90° rotations both portals can be entered from the front?

What we need is two buttons. “Rotate remote portal” and “Rotate this portal”.

I’m an idiot, thanks @FireAngelDth. This is awesome, thanks lucadeltodecso!

I’m confused why you’d need both. The one you place and open up at faces whichever direction you’re opening it from(N,E,S,W). The exit one only faces north or south at the moment

So the new option would only rotate the remote portal, not both? That’s… kinda obvious now…

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At least that’s how I imagine it would be. I could be wrong. But that’s how I read it as

The new option rotates the portal you interact with, not remote. Technically the current ‘flip’ does that too, but the text says that it flips the exit (a lie). Only that for flipping it makes no difference which side is actually flipped as it gives the same result.

If you want to rotate the other side… go through to the other side and then rotate it!


IIRC, I can’t do that if I don’t own the other side.

I should hope not…do you have a particularly scenario where that is an issue?

A hub sells a token for an E/W portal. I buy the token and open the portal. Do I know to message someone to rotate it on their side?

I see your point, it’d be less trivial to allow securely though. In this particular case, you can still open your side e/w so that the exit will be e/w, and then rotate your portal n/s

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There was never an issue with how the open end of the portal was. It could be either N/S or E/W. The issue with the 1x2 portals is the Exit always must be pointing N/S upon opening the portal.

That is a big problem for a lot of people so @lucadeltodecso is taking time to give us a way to solve that. So now people can have the portals pointing all directions.

So the destination portal will apply to whichever the source portal is first opened ?
hmmmm … sounds fun … until everything is messed up lol

Wait, … what?

Let’s assume Luca runs a hub. He has a portal which opens to the east. He creates a token and gives it to Scrufola.

Scrufola warps to his base and puts the token into his portal, which opens to the south.

If Scrufola now walkes through the portal he hits his head on the stone block to the north of the portal in Luca’s hub. How can he get that to work?

Easiest solution (for us! :slight_smile: )would be if the token would also “remember” from which side it was created and automagically open to that side. As Luca was standing to the east of the portal while creating the token, the portal would open to the east

That is not what happens… He walks through the south facing portal and exits facing East.

At the moment, the portal that eats Oort can face E/W. But the portal that does not eat Oort will always face N/S.

If I’m parsing luca’s posts correctly this will only happen if the fueling portal is opened from the west side facing east.

This means that in the above diagram scrufola would have to remove the blocks to the west of the portal, open it while facing east, rebuild it, and then rotate the entry to the south.

This is going to lead to some wasted opening fees as it adds a new constraint to opening 1*x portals. Instead of worrying about the 2 axes, the specific direction desired for the exit will become a fixed choice when opening the portal.

The button text should definitely not use the word “exit”. In the current arrangement it’s fine if a little vague, and saying “reverse exit direction” would be technically correct.

On these 1*x it should probably say “rotate portal entry” so that once the information is no longer fresh (and thus harder for someone to find when they are confused and searching) people are able to sort it more easily.

Yes you could say it that way… the portal you put the fuel into and open up the connection from can face either E/W or N/W. But the other side will always be N/S until this new change. They you can adjust each side as you see fit.

I don’t know the specifics but based on what Luca put is seems pretty clear what can happen:

Meaning a person can rotate any 1-wide portal 90 degrees at a time whether you are on the opening side or the other side. This means that each side can face any direction you want… You just have to rotate it from the appropriate side.

I don’t see anywhere it says that in Luca’s post. He said instead of a flip it has a rotate now. Nothing to do with entry/exit changes.

I think this is where the confusion lies… They would likely just make it so you can rotate both the portal entry and exit any direction. It just seems easier to do that then worry about entry/exit for this stuff.

This is true however, if you open a north/south facing portal the wrong way into even an existing hub, you will have to to either re-open, or find the hub owner to rotate the exit end for you.

Considering how difficult it is to find another player in game sometimes, I think many players will just re-open the portal,especially if it’s only 2 conduits. The larger the portal gets the more of a cost it will be.

Without bothering to stitch together several quotes, He’s stated that the current system actually works by changing the exit direction at the portal the change is made from. And that the rotation will also affect the portal that the rotation is being done from. And that it would be something of a security issue to allow the actual exit portal to be rotated from the fueling portal.

This means that when you open a 1*x portal into someone else’s hub, you will actually be unable to affect the direction of the exit portal. It will be set at opening, and to change it you will either need to find the hub owner, or re-open it facing in the specific direction that you need.

I hope that makes it clearer.

@lucadeltodecso perhaps some confirmation or clarification would help on this. @scrufola 's diagram is a fine example.

What steps are necessary for this portal to be opened with a south facing entrance and an east facing exit, assuming the remote hub operator is not available?