1 wide portals should have 90 degree rotation / orientation feature

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Ahh now I understand what you mean and why the graphic was there…

I guess I was assuming this wasn’t a big issue because the portal token would have the original orientation of which side it should open on. So it would be a non-issue overall because no longer was there a N/S forced setting on the token side (exit) and instead take the orientation from that token.

But, honestly I don’t have all the specifics of how the actual coding is done for this part of the game so I guess Luca should clarify.


One hour? this is one off the most annoying bugs in the game the amount off oort people lost trying to figure it out please next time don’t say how long it takes to fix it the time I waisted on those is Def a lot more just little rant lol still love ya :grin:


The current tokens don’t have anything like this, though. Adding it would either require a new GUI for setting manually, or impose a new requirement that the portal token be generated from the intended opening direction for the eventual portal That means the back end of the token (database record) would have to be changed as well.

Whatever it is, I’m also eager to have the capability even if it means taking a little extra care when setting it up.


So then how does it know what side to open show upon opening? Does it randomly just pick? Does it always pick the same side?

Just curious, do we have a quote from a developer or someone that has asked the specifically how it determines what side to show upon opening of a portal?


Correction sorry: the dst-portal does always open up just N/S, I was getting confused with warps which “do” have the exit pointed the same direction as the opening side.


So in order to have an east facing incoming portal as in that illustration, someone with permissions will always be required to manually adjust at the destination side?


coming soon:

  • 1-wide portals and warps will now show two rotate buttons side-by-side, one to rotate the portal you are interacting with, and one to rotate the portal on the other side.

Regarding permissions; the permissions check is done on the interaction of the portal, and permissions on the exit side are of no relevance. Maybe it sounds weird that you can modify a portal that you have no permissions on indirectly here… but you can do that already anyways or else you’d never be able to open your portal into the hub or close it since those too are modifying the portal in the hub that you have no permissions on.


Thanks. This is very cool, especially for people like me who didn’t consider N/S while building… :slight_smile:


This is awesome thank you!