1 wide portals should have 90 degree rotation / orientation feature

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Until today, all 1 wide portal (1x2 or 1x3 blocks) can only be rotate 180 degree and the destination portals cant facing East / West ( they can only facing North / South ). Becuase of this, many planned buildings and portal hubs have suffered because they cant have the right facing portals.

Please add this feature to portals, this should have been an essential feature since the game released.


Not trying to hijack, but It would be nice to have larger portals at the same cost as well. People don’t really like large hubs with 1x3 or 1x2 portals, but spending 3x or more on portal fuel is not really nice either. And larger portals can face any direction too.


I said this a long time ago. The rotation thing would be great. And portal cost should be determined by blink seconds not size. So if you want to make a huge portal from one spot to another on the same planet. The cost would be the same as a 1x2. I know I could make a lot more cool portals if it worked like this. Until then. 1x2s for everyone.


It think they should allow 4 blocks portal for the same cost as the 2 blocks one on the same planet, just for design purpose.


i understand your point and its a game, but it reality everything bigger cost more energy. Maybe they could reduce the increased amount of oort cost per hour for the same planet portals.

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I’ve made the suggestion on one of the various topics on this that the portal blocks themselves should have a face and change what the sides look like that way we can put the down in any direction

If I remember right, this is a technical issue. Maybe @Havok40k had more info? If not maybe a Dev can explain if there was a technical issue around it.

I’ve had a slightly different experience. I had a 1x2 portal that was not facing the way I wanted for a long while, but after trying a few things with it, was able to open them up so that the offending portal faced the right direction, while the other one stayed the way it was. Not really sure what the kicker was, but all I did was open it from the portal I didn’t want to be the main, but hey, it works now :hugs:

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Yea the exit portal has to be N/S but the open one can be whichever

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Still waiting for some answers / work around for this from the Devs.

There is no work around. Entrance can be any direction, exit must be in a N/S direction. Unfortunately I was not able to bring this up with James directly on my last call because of time constraints and a million other things I tried to shove in. It is on my list, though.

I reported that long time ago during EA. James and lucadeltodecso as far as I remember answered and it was said that it was a bug and the way these one block wide portals work was unintended. Apparently there was not enough time to address this behavior.

you can find some answers there - I mean devs were responding and you can see some official info about the issue

@vdragon or @lucadeltodecso Any chance you can give an update on if this is a bug and when it might be fixed or if there is some technical limitation on why this is happening.

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I recently had this issue for the first time and was extremely frustrated. Wasted 150 shards messing around with the portal before a finding an old forum post about it (which wasn’t easy btw).

If for whatever reason this is complicated to fix, please at least explain the constraints in a notification before a player opens a portal.

I’d love to see this fixed too!

It’s one of those things that’d take an hour or so to implement and test briefly… but just too busy to get round to it.

"reverse portal exit’’ was added, and 1 wide portals can easily have a ‘‘rotate portal exit’’ instead


Understand fully… good to know it is something that can be done… Hopefully @James can get it on the list after Farming is done. Seems like a good QOL for everyone.


Oh come on, who needs sleep? You can do it! :smiley:

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coming soon:

  • 1-wide portals and warps will now show a “rotate” button instead of a “flip” button in the gui allowing them to be rotated 90-degrees at a time.