100 hours challenge! 19 hours complete! Today's stream begins in 20 minutes. I'll be focusing emeralds today 😉

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A day or so ago I was told it’s nigh impossible to achieve 7 advanced power coils on each machine within 100 hours, without using the player economy. So, I says to myself I can definitely do that, but how do I prove it?

I have started a stream. It’s going right now, and I’ll be goin step by step without using any player made stuff except the portal network(thankfully). Here’s to 100 Hours of Boundless.

Click the link if you wish.

Edit: Will be streaming most of the day tomorrow 5/9/19! Starting at 9am CST! The goal is to have all machines crafted and connected to spark generator. Come keep me company while I blast through the early game into the mid game at an early level! :grin:

Utilizing the spark generator I have crafted and possibly making some brews.

At the end of ten hours all machines have been crafted and connected to a spark generator. I have forged iron hammers and a few strength brews. Next stream we will acquire DIAMONDS!

Edit 2: Just spent an hour on t7 exoworld as a level 18 toon. And came back with 50 diamonds! Using iron tools and a strength brew!

Edit 3: 70 diamonds now. We’re that much closer to our first set of power coils! I’m predicting power right before 20 hours. Anyone care to make a wager?

Edit 4: Friday, May 17 will be my next stream. Unfortunately today, the real world needs my attention! I will see you tomorrow, and remember, be nice to each, cuz this life is all we’ve got. Until next time friends!

Edit 5: streamed for a couple hours and wasted a bit of time, but at the end of 18 hours I have 3 bulk crafts of workbench power coils crafting, as well as enough material to craft a bulk of advanced refinery coils, and maybe a chisel and a hammer :wink: Tomorrow! I will stream my next steps which will, unfortunately, involve more diamond mining! Until next time.


Should be fairly easy if you have decent game knowledge :+1: Good luck tho!

You don’t have to do this!!!

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Oh, but he does. The gauntlet has been thrown down!

I’m interested to see what his time comes too.


To be fair I’m tempted, i didn’t come until after release, and by the time I was ready for coils they were 10k each and prices fell like a rock. I’ve alway bought what I wanted, though I’m considering crafting some guild helix coils now.

I believe that there are several players in game who could accomplish this readily enough. I still have a hard time finding certain gems, even with an atlas. I know I could do a workbench though and I believe at that point you’re pretty much “over the gem wall”.

It doesn’t look like he considers it quite the torture that you do :slight_smile:

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I’ll place my bet that you can do it in under 75 hours


It may be easier now because silver/gold hammers were buffed and you have access to T6 worlds I suppose.

I forgot to mention though, when I said you could use portal networks, I didn’t mean farms lol… yikes…

But if it’s doable with farms only, then I guess we need to steer new players into farms so they understand how to use them.

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How’s farms going to help get the gems to make coils??

Hopefully you get started on those first coils with a super cool

pUbLiC DiAmOnD MiNe


I would never consider a mine a farm tho if that’s what you’re implying. Especially since most of the time it just takes you to a room and you do the rest. It just save you from running across the planet and digging down.

So a “welcome kit” for a new player would be, in my mind:

10 teaching loaves (3k)
10 persisting loaves (3k)
1 gem 3x3 hammer (6k)
1 gem 3x3 axe (6k)
1 gem 3x3 shovel (6k)
1 titanium furnace (500)
A full set of each machine (2k)
2 advanced coils for each machine (12k)
1 Beacon
1 Greater beacon fuel (1k?)

This costs, at most, 40k to kick-start a new player and entirely eliminate new game blues. That’s assuming you buy all this. The new player experience is vastly improved with this loadout.

Find a newbie, give them this goodie bag.


It is progression beyond iron hammers, you need shimmering orbs for enriched bonding agent to plus up to titanium at least. It is not necessary but it would save time.

Oh, no. That was supposed to be to OP. Is it doing that thing to you guys were the forum acts like you’re getting a direct response?

Yea it was just a normal reply instead of directed at op so I wasnt sure who you were talking to

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I’d just go to a t1 planet with growth and get them that way. :sweat_smile:

Ah, I forgot about that. But, would you use your farm?

You have to be careful like this. This sort of thing can actually wreck the game for a truly new player. It has to come with some other attention, and the help to understand the advantages being provided at LEAST.

For a player who is truly new to the game this completely guts the new player experience and eliminates the progression curves that are where people really find the love of the game that turns them into long term players. Where they decide if they want to be a hunter, or a miner, or a crafter.

This sets endgame equipment as baseline expectation and leaves them with a bunch of stuff they don’t really know what to do with, or in the case of consumables, what’s required economically to make good use of what they have.

I’m not implying that you would personally just drop such a stack of goods on a random noob and walk away, but tbh I don’t know. And some people would.

It’s “giving a man a fish” vs. “teaching a man to fish” 100%.

I will toss any noob some copper grapples and an atlas. Some better food. And answers to any questions that I can. A couple of times that has evolved, a couple of times it hasn’t.

As someone here pointed out the other day, you want to make sure if you give them a diamond hammer they’re not going to go logging with it on t1 at least!


That portal is still open :sweat_smile:. No if I remember correctly there’s actually a better t1 planet that has growth closer to the surface of water.

Great stream. I’ll drop in when able to watch the progress.

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Won’t use farms, theres really no need. And won’t waste my precious silver and gold on tools either. I will be going from iron to titanium, and I’ll be at that point in the next 6 hours or so. When I stream again tomorrow I’ll be taking my lv 12 character to serp to start mining diamonds and such.