100 hours challenge! 19 hours complete! Today's stream begins in 20 minutes. I'll be focusing emeralds today 😉

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And thanks to those of you that watched my stream. Was the first time I’ve ever been “live”. Felt kinda bad about the boring bits, but I’ll do my best to keep light, clean, and entertaining. Any comments or concerns feel free to tell me. Either here or in a PM.


I 100% agree with you. However, I think one or two things are ok. I’ve given noobs food, some machines, weapons during hunts, etc.

Once upon a time… @DKPuncherello gave me a 3x3 AOE shovel when I first moved to Finata, a zillion years ago. Until then, I was a happy solo player, making & using my titanium tools. Every once in awhile I would sneak into town and buy a regular diamond tool, when I had the coin. I had no desire to use a forge or forged items. I assumed they were too expensive & difficult, so I just never messed with them. I started using the shovel DK gave me & I was able to flatten the back courtyard of my place in no time. I was like holy :cow2: ! After that, I started making my forge. lol


Same! Just the other day I gave some player a titanium toolset complete with grapple


Sure I don’t think there’s anything wrong with a little help or a well timed gift.

Someone gave me the last bits of an iron hammer with 3x3 on it when i was brand new. I had put in a few hours with stone and copper hammers by then and using that thing was like magic.

If I had done essentially my first mining with a gifted tool like that I would honestly have been unable to replace it. And I’m not sure I would have had the patience for the hours and hours of mining with “regular” tools that still came after.

I went through a time similar to what you described too, and also worked my way up to being comfortable with higher end tools by using up a LOT of cheap “forge fails”. So many bouncyhammers and random AoE.

A package like what Lynda describes is great to take a friend past the catching up stage or for someone you plan to mentor a little, IMO. It’s not the coin but personally I wouldn’t do that to a random new player.

Also I watched a bit of the vid but missed the stream. It’s not as engrossing when it’s not live but it looks like you were having a good time in there.


100% agree with all of :point_up_2: this. There are times when my AOE gets used up and I have to use a regular non-forged tool. It feels sooooooo slow & like it takes forever to get anything done.


Definitely was! I stayed online for 2 hours longer than I intended. I need to figure out a better way to save the video, pretty sure I lost the first hour of footage.


Can agree that giving a new player some high level tools can do more harm than good. But, I do think it its good to help them out with some of the first level tools and weapons.

When I first started to play someone on the forum gave me and my son (which he refused to use, he won’t even use the ones I buy for him) and told me not to use it on a planet lower that a t5. I didn’t and I have to say, WOW, if I had used it on a t2 or t3, I would have probably been so bummed by how slow it was after using that hammer I might have lost interest. If I had been into mining and was focused on how fast I could get rock it would have really ruined it for me. So I am glad that I waited.

On the free weekend I went around with some copper and iron tools, weapons and some food to give to new players. Did realize that some were regular players who already knew how to use them when I would see them grapple a tree and start to swing around like Tarzan. shooting the goats and leaving them there, jumping over them as if they were playing leap frog.

Said they were new, but obviously weren’t. That is on them, though, I gave them in belief that I was helping out others like someone helped me, passing it on. There were plenty who were new and glad to get some assistance and a question or two answered.


I fully agree on the issue on overgifting fresh players.

Some food so they don’t starve and then show or tell them how they can make that tasty earthyam soup themselves, helps them a lot more than anything else.


Interesting challenge, it will be interesting to see how much it will take time to reach to this goal.
I did watch your stream and you did advance fast :slight_smile:

After you reach set goal, it would be interesting to see some compilation of progress of certain milestones (if youtube offers some stream content editing possibilities).


With access to a PC, I could easily edit a compilation. I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it tho. Gotta have footage for a compilation :grin:


Honestly I found using non gem tools so tedious I almost quit. It was when I stumbled on a hunt and got some oortstone to sell to ultimately buy a good hammer that things turned around.

I guess I just don’t see a virtue in wasting time. My time is valuable and if they let me I’d swipe a credit card before slamming my face against rocks for days.


There are ways of making the rock talk. Which is what I’ll be doing tomorrow :wink:


Fair enough. The first and second time around I didn’t really see it as wasting my time, so much as working my way up to it. I have no history as an FPS player or a voxel builder so there was a lot for me to tke in and I’m still clumsy, but love the physics here. Except that fall damage problem.

I sure hate starting a new alt (or using a newish skill page) now though I feel crippled, and like I’m wasting my time. So I hear you somewhat but I just took it at a different pace.

I have to admit that for people that like to min/max straight to whatever they perceive as endgame and then idle around, Boundless isn’t offering a lot besides building right now.


Hello friends! I’ll be starting part 2 of the 100 hours challenge here shortly. Hours 3+
Today, I’ll be attempting to make level 12 so I can head to Serpensarindi and maybe mine some stuff. If all goes well I should be set to start crafting more iron stuff, and maybe even some alloy. Check the link if you’re interested.


Popped into the livestream to say hey, and watch him pulling out gold, silver, iron etcetera with an iron hammer.

Good Stuff!


Right after you left I found some ruby!

At the end of today’s stream I had 4 ruby, 100+iron, 7 silver, and 15 gold. As a level 13 toon on a t5 world. Mine time about 1 1/2 hours total.


The next stream won’t be for a few days. Will post here a day or so in advance.


Edited OP with new information

Listen to me complain about the lag for an hour. While I try to fix the issue.
Will return within the hour to continue where I left off.

At the end of 10 hours I have all the machines, spark generator, and a few strength brews. I have two forged iron hammers(+dmg, +ease) and a loot magnet/flashlight.

Forgot to mention the thirty topaz :wink:

Edit: it’s impossible to find diamonds before level 20…HA!!!


I saw you!!



I was there for the coal. Though I did like the tree colors.