🏆 12 Million Coin - 2D Art Competition! Sponsored by Portal Seekers!


Good luck to everyone.


This is awsome!! Can we get an update here with images from the competition?


I’m having a hard time finding Fuzzy on Discord to message him about getting a plot.


Need to get rid of the money before that 12 mil will flush the market… :wink:


I sent an application Fuzzy :slight_smile:


Still plenty of time to join the competition and get prizes!!!


Hi sorry for the delay. Got unexpectedly very busy this weekend.
I will be available in the evenings (west coast USA) throughout the week and will be much more available to assist on the weekends.


Is there still time to get onboard


Yes!!! Plenty of time


I will be available all of today to process any and all outstanding beacon requests!


There are some folks who cannot be found in the search for Steam friends. If you signed up and provided a steam name, please reach out to me via PM here or on Discord (Fuzzy#0001) with a friend link. Don’t post your friend link directly in this thread :wink:

All new PC applicants please also provide a friend link in your application. Here is a screenshot of where you can find the place to do it:


I was there the other day. It’s looking nice, but I couldn’t get a good view of the pictures with this (catwalk?) or road in the middle, just an observation.


Did my friend request work correctly?


if you set your FOV to max in options you can see the whole images on your screen


:open_mouth: good tip, now I see it. Thanks


1 week left to enter, join today!
2 weeks left to build, get 'er done before judging begins!


I’ll check when I get home from work today.


Here you go Pendragon

What Leonardo did was he took a canvas then applied layer after layer of paint till he ended up with this, its not every ones cup of tea but I don’t think it counts as 3D :thinking:


Hi fuzzy,
Can I have a spot for 2D Art ??
Ich have send an inv in discord and sign in for 2D Art


Hi. I would like to enter the contest. I’ve sent an application, I sent a friend request and message to Fuzzy on Discord, so far nothing. I don’t have a steam account, I’m a PS4 player. In Europe.
Heeelp please… :slight_smile: